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Tying a Soft Hackle Mayfly Emerger

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Author, fly-tying instructor and blogger Matt Grobert ties a sulphur version of the Soft Hackle Mayfly Emerger.

“Although here he’s tying a sulphur, by changing the hook size and the colors of the components, this pattern can be used to represent a large range of emerging mayflies,” notes videographer Tim Flagler.

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  • Lew

    Great production!   I’m interested in the hackle pliers Matt uses in this video.  What is the brand and where can I find them?

  • Tightline

    Matt uses the standard plunger type hackle pliers which are available just about everywhere. Once you start using them it’s hard to go back to anything else. They are also perfect for moving flies around the newer fly boxes with micro slit foam.

  • baetis

    You can buy those “hackle pliers” in any hardware store in the electrical section.

  • Jheaney62

    If you like swing flies, this pattern was a fish magnet! I contacted Matt about sharing this great pattern. On water her in north western New jersey , and the waters of the tri-state region. I. Highly recommend this pattern and won,t leave home without a dozen in various sizes in my box. It simple and easy to Ty.the sulfer pattern is deadly, and switching some of the dubbing olives, hairs ears, pheasant tail and peacock herl are all favorites of mine. Ty a couple up use them with another fly , Gary lofontana, caddis emerger , and you will have many great days on the water.

  • BBBB

    You can get them at Radio Shack.

  • Christopher Lane

    Could you suggest other colors for the rabbit fur? I’d guess use of the pheasant tail would remain the same, brown, olive, or natural. What’s the rabbit fur represent?