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Tying a Simple Scud

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a simple Scud pattern, using a size 16 hook and an Antron-and-Australian-possum-blend dubbing not just for the body, but for the legs and antennae as well.

“Scuds are crustaceans, and they’re a favorite food source for trout in lakes and streams.  They range in size from about an 8 to the ridiculously small.  Although the naturals are often associated with weedbeds, I’ve found trout will take their imitations just about anywhere, particularly on overcast days.”

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  • Rockingh

    Tim Flagler’s fly tying videos have become my standard to which all others are compared.  Hands-down the highest quality videos going.  So different from the standard fixed camera pointing at the vise with tyer behind (often with distracting shirt and background music/noises making hearing the commentary difficult.)  Please keep them coming!  The scud, Sparkle Emerger and Bird’s Nest were especially great.  However, his Olive Woolly Bugger is the best version I have found – little subtle tricks that make this fly turn out better than the average. 

    Jim Holmes
    Ledbetter, Texas

  • DominickBet

    It is hard to see the what is happening with the dark background. Please, tell the tyer’s of any flys to use a white background so people can see what the fly tyer is doing. It looks like he is working in the dark with a dark background.