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Tying a Meat Helmet Sculpin

Producer: Richard Strolis  |  Catching-Shadows

Sculpins, gobies, and darters are all bottom-dwelling baitfish that, when present in any fishery, are tops in the food chain in terms of importance to trout. Where readily available, these particular fish are eaten readily and  imitations of the same will be highly productive from time to time. As a result of these fishes’ habits, imitations need to get to the bottom and be relatively snag proof. Enter the new Sculpin Helmet, which is a counter-balanced metal head with a flat profile. This video details how to tie a fairly quick sculpin imitation that gets down and has loads of built-in movement. Fish this on a floating line with a fairly stout leader, slowly jigged and hopped off the bottom.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10s
Articulation Point: Small Articulated Shank by Fish Skull
Rear: Articulated shank
Tail & Fins: Bar-dyed Rabbit
Body: Body Fur
Gills: Red Senyo Laser Dub
Head: Sculpin Helmet By Fish Skull

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  • Strolis12

    It shows up. But that’s up to the person tying. You can always omit the red if you are so inclined.

  • Gofishinor

    Very cool, I will have to give this a ty.

    • They are pretty cool.  Should be interesting to see how they pan out.  Sometimes heads on flies work, sometimes they don’t, the beauty of options. 

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  • Darkhorserider1

    who makes the body fur? what brand?



  • Jim Knipfel

    I would love to buy a couple of those from you if you are willing to sell them.

  • Dusty_Dinklman

    LOVE this tie rich! im curious about the colors of the prismacolor markers you used. what shades of green are you coloring in the body/articulation with? are you leaving the belly white, like the natural underside of a sculpin? lastly, why not fish this with a sinking line? any insight?

  • Jeff Lane

    This video of the tying of the Meat Helmet Sculpin is so cool,but he went so fast that it’s imposable to keep up. Where can I buy one?

  • Steve B.

    How water-absorbent is the body fur material? I.e., how does it cast? Thanks.

  • TJ Orton

    What size hook do you use? I know it’s a Gamakatsu B10..

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