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Tying a Griffith’s Gnat

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler shows how to tie the classic Griffith’s Gnat fly. Authored by George Griffith, the pattern is an effective imitation of virtually any small insect: midges, midge emergers, or tiny mayflies.

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  • Gofishinor

    This a very good go to bug. Nice Video. Need to go through my Gnats and do some repairs.

  • David

    This is one fantastic pattern. I fish it with a greased leader. I tie mine from size 14 to 18. I’m old, 20 is too small for me…

    • steve f.

      18 is my smallest also im old too !!! ha ha ha !! i guess ill have to buy the 20s through through 24s

  • Anonymous

    I  caught three of my biggest Rain Bow trout 12 to 15 lbs back to back on a 22 Griffith’s Gnat on the San Juan River Just below the dam, in Late Sept 1990. I was on a weeks long fishing trip and I got their early, This was on a Sunday, I was to meet my Guild on Monday. Abe’s said the midges were on and the fish were rising so I got a lic and beat it for the river. A Scott 8′ 6″ rod for a 4 wt line and 6 x tippet. It was a buzz for the week, some guy with dry flies caught  3 big ones in a row out of a feeding pod of fish with about as many casts. When I told my guide it was me, he said I already had a great week and it didn’t even start yet. I tie them from 14 down to 28. but 22’s and 24’s seem to work the best or its the size I just start with. The other thing is that I can tie one in less than 2 minutes. 

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