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Tying a Gray Scud

Producer: Michael Yelton  |  The Granddaddy Fly Fishing Experience

IN THIS VIDEO, Michael Yelton demonstrates how to tie a scud, one of the most popular patterns for imitating shrimplike aquatic crustaceans that are commonly found in spring creeks and other food-rich trout streams. They are a high-protein source of food that thrive year-round in nutrient-rich waters, particularly weedy, slow-moving rivers and streams.

Not an insect at all, scuds can vary in size from less than 1/8 inch to more than an inch, and can be cream, olive, tan, or almost black in color. This gray version is a “general-purpose” choice, but anglers will often produce fish by using a variety of more vibrant colors, particularly orange or pink-orange.

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  • Dave

     Good job on the scud bud…thats the only one I looked at. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Luke Paulson

    Easy to tie and catches fish. I like to add hot spots and rib some of them with 5-6x mono for variety.