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Tying a Crane Fly Larva

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler ties a Crane Fly Larva on a Dai-Riki #285 size 12 hook. “For a fly that uses so few materials, and is so easy to tie,” says Flagler, “it’s amazingly effective.” Crane fly larvae are common in streams all across the U.S. and are a tempting meal for trout, reaching up to more than 2 inches in length. Use this fly in a dropper rig with a Copper John and you’ve got a deadly combination.

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  • Jerrymckeon

    This yarn is already hard to find in teh states. Is the yarn community now going to look down on us like we do with hair feather designers? 🙂

  • Fm3rickson

    A tie nicely tested on Wyoming’s Miracle Mile is just white latex wrapped and tapered on an #8, 3-4XL hook, with a black head from the tying thread. Since they take about 20 seconds to tie, you can lose them all day on the bottom while the fish caught and released more than make up for re-tying another fly.


    Fred Rickson

  • Thanks for the mention Tim!  If anyone is interested, here is how I tie my version of the killer bug and another source to get the Shetland’s spindrift yarn: -Jason Klass

  • Jay Lajoie

    Also check out Kirklands Yarn Barn.  They still have quite a selection…

  • erik_ostrander

    The Utah Killer Bug was first tied up by Rob Worthing of Tenkara Guides, bought at Blazing needles. Rob and the Tenkara Guide crew have tied this up in sizes from 22 to size 4, and it works everywhere! Get your yarn at