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Tying a Clouser Minnow

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler ties another saltwater classic, the Clouser Minnow. Authored by Bob Clouser around 1987, this pattern is one of the most-imitated and most-used flies in saltwater, and has even inspired freshwater versions for bigger trout and gamefish. The original Clouser Deep Minnow evolved from traditional bucktail streamers and was intended for smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River. The name Clouser Deep Minnow was coined by Lefty Kreh, who claims to have caught over 87 species of game fish on the pattern.

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  • Steve P.

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the video.Are those bestco eyes?  where do you get them?  And what kind of vise is that?Thanks!

    • Tightline

      Yes, the eyes are from Bestco. I purchased a whole bunch several years ago because I liked them so much. The vise in this video is a Pamola Fly Lathe which is not made anymore. It’s a fabulous vise but mine just basically wore out and it has been replaced with a Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer which is simply amazing.

      • hshuler

        Really, what wore out on your Pamola? It looks like it is doing the job in the video. I have several of these as well as the Dyna King Ultimate Indexer. They are both wonderful vises, but I am surprised that your saying it wore out. Care to send it to me for spare parts? 🙂

        • Donald Corey

          I don’t suppose you have a Pamola Fly Lathe you want to part with do you?  I saw one (and tied on it) several years ago and I always thought I would like to have one in the “flock”..

        • Francois

          I just bought a Pamola fly lathe…It came with the heavy base plate support, I’m looking for the bench clamp and any other Pamola accessories that came as an option with the lathe…thanks

  • Mickalo

    one of the best clouser instructions I’ve seen. Nicely done.


  • Guest

    Nice video.  It looks, though, as if the flash is on only one side of the fly.  Is that intentional?

    • Tightline

      I see what you mean. It looks that way because of how I placed the Krystal Flash in the materials clip. Anyway, the flash is tied down the center of the hook shank and does end up being visible on both sides of the fly.

    • Anonymous

      The looks are deceiving, recall, if you will, when he said that wraped the crystal flash around the thread, notice that he put three strands on the near side and three on the far.  Dang!, whole lot of words for, look again three on each side.  LOL

      Tight Lines Bro