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Tying a Bird’s Nest

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Matt Grobert ties a Bird’s Nest with a copper bead head. The Bird’s Nest is a nymph pattern authored by master tier and San Francisco fly shop owner Cal Bird in 1959. Bird first tied it—without the bead—for trout fishing on the Truckee River.

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  • Mattgrobert

    Chuck, thanks for the background.  It’s always nice to have background from those that knew the originator of a pattern, particularly this most effective one.  MG

    • Thanks for your gracious response, Matt. Please contact me privately via my website – there’s more I’d like to share with you. Chuck

  • Bill

    With the current tech trend in fly fishing I find myself going back to the “classic” patterns. Knowing the history behind these storied flies just makes it even better. Thank you posting this Mr. Stranahan, your words took me back to time I wish I could have alive to experiance.

    • Chuck

      Thanks for your kind comments, Bill. Cal Bird was the most versatile and gifted technician behind a fly tying vise that I’ve ever seen at work – and over the past fifty years of active commercial tying, demo’ing at conclaves and trade shows, I’ve seen quite a few of the old school and contemporary masters. If I could only fish with one type of sunken fly, it would be a Bird’s Nest. It’s that good.

  • jack wolbach

    This pattern is wonderful. It can be tied light or dark, large or small. If you have trouble with proportions of some fly patterns, this is the fly for you.