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Fly Fishing in Scotland

“Once in Your Lifetime”

This trailer for the upcoming film features incredible footage of an international group of anglers fishing for wild Atlantic salmon and brown trout in the Highlands of Scotland.
Fly Fishing at Lac Jovet in the French Alps

“Young, Wild and Free”

To say that fly fishing takes you to beautiful places is an understatement when viewed from the perspective of this film shot at Lac Jovet in the French Alps.
Fly Fishing in Lapland

“Fly Fishing Somewhere in Lapland”

music: David Löhstana - Petit talibe The XX - intro

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Autumn Fly Fishing, Rocky Mountain National Park

Jerry Neal films guide Iolanthe "IO" Culjak fly fishing at Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.

On the Beaverkill

A short video from photographer Chris Layda, capturing fly fishing on the Beaverkill.

“Girls Just Wanna… Fish!”

Tim Flagler profiles four women as they spend a day on the White River as guests of the K-Bar-T Ranch in Meeker, Colorado.

“Tempest Milky Way”

"Storm and star shots" by Randy Halverson, filmed in South Dakata during the months of June - August, 2011.

New Orleans Preview

Waterline Media delivers wintertime footage of fly fishing for redfish and black drum in the marshes of Louisiana.

Geofish Trailer

The trailer for MOTIV Fishing's new "Geofish" film, documenting an "epic 8000-mile fishing expedition from Oregon to the Yucatan Peninsula."

Simple Summer Fun with Landlocks

Nothing pretentious about this video, just engaging filmwork set to pleasant music.  Simple summer fun in Maine's Baxter State Park, catching landlocked salmon.

“Depth Perception”

An evening of drift-boat dry fly fishing during a caddis hatch, with Mark Raisler and Ben Hardy from Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River in Craig, MT.

Bidasoa Trout

Fly fishing on the Bidasoa River in Spain with Mikel Elexpuru.

“Casting at Shadows” (Christmas Island)

The trailer for the soon-to-be-released DVD "Casting at Shadows," produced by Chris Cook, Ben Marlow and Bradley Lucas.

Deep Water Cay Bonefish Scouting

Deep Water Cay bonefish guides Meko Glinton and Mervin Thomas go scouting for bonefish before Flip Pallot arrives for a February 2011 shoot.

“The Costa Rica Challenge”

Trailer for "The Costa Rica Challenge," which will appear in Fall 2011 on WFN, the International Fly Fishing Film Festival and DVD.

Pike on the Fly

R.A. Beattie's film short on fly fishing for pike.


This excerpt from RA Beattie's first full-length video project, "Nervous Water" captures some of the excitement of sight-casting to waking and finning redfish along the south Texas coast.

Northern Inspirations: Steelhead Fishing

Northern California steelhead fishing.


RA Beattie's short film captures the essence of bass fishing on the arid shores of Lake Powell in the western United States.

Red Zone: Louisiana Redfish

Mikey Wier goes fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana.

Windy Tarpon Fishing

A windy day of tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys.

Dorado: “Devil’s Gold”

Fly fishing for golden dorado deep in the Bolivian jungle.

Fly Fishing | Climate Wisconsin

Wisconsin fly fishing guide Peter Cozad explores trout streams in the southwestern part of the state


Rene Harrop — known on the Henry's Fork as the "Trout Hunter" — describes his close connection to one of the most fabled trout streams in North America.

“CONNECT:” Yellowstone

CONNECT features well-known anglers Greg Vincent, Jeff Currier, Jimmy Bartschi, Craig Mathews, Masa Katsumata, Brian Porter, and Captain Eric Wallace, and more than a dozen different fish species, both freshwater and saltwater.