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Joan Wulff: Shooting Line

Producer: Jeffrey Pill | Miracle Productions

“Shooting Line” is from “Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting,” in which a recognized master of fly casting instruction demonstrates the elements of great casting: vital hand and arm movements and practice routines for learning almost all kinds of casts.

Excerpt: “Shooting line is somewhat magical. It enables you to carry X-feet of line in the air but make a presentation that’s a lot farther.”

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  • Jvwinger

    I taught fly fishing as a professional Orvis guide at Lake Las Vegas, was a T U President for Nevada & in Pennsylvania, and trekked the wilderness streams & rivers of the Canadian Rockies. I am seldom impressed by a website or endorse them. But this is exceptional! I am impressed. John Winger

  • navig8r

     I am back at fly fishing for the second year after a 20+ yr hiatus.  I feel renewed every time I fish or connect with your site.  So much excellent information for all levels.  It is great to also begin to review the comments and experiences of others.  Thank you all.  

  • Cloud Watcher

    As a 55 year old female “newby” at this – it is the best I have seen! Thank you so much and it was so easy to watch and learn….I will take it all to heart and try harder.