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How to Tie the Picket Pin

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

As tier and videographer Tim Flagler says, “The Picket Pin is one of those great older flies that no longer seems to get the attention it so richly deserves.”  Here he ties the pattern using classic materials and tools passed on to him from the family of his former college professor.

The Picket Pin was a pattern developed by Jack Boehme of Missoula, Montana in the early 1900s. Its name comes from the cowboys’ common label for ground squirrels, which looked to them like horse picket pins as they stood on their hind legs on the prairie.  Boehme’s recipe called for the use of squirrel tail for the wing.

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  • Bert_Brehm

    Lovely pattern but seeing the Herter’s material really tripped my nostalgia trigger. After all, each item was “actually made far better than is necessary.”

  • BH206L3

    Gee’s I just to buy all my fly tying stuff from Herter’s back in the day. I would wear out the catalog that he would send. Then there were the books he wrote. I was oh so young. I still have a Thompson Vise and that Fenwick fly rod .

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  • MT Dave

    Really enjoyed the Picket Pin video. Very appropriate to tie it with all the “old school” materials and tools. Living in Montana, I still run across folks who use this pattern. I have used the pattern during the salmon fly hatch but not for some time. You’ve inspired me to tie some up for this year’s hatch!