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How to Tie the Kintner Boy

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

In an homage to the boy who became the second victim of the giant great white shark in the movie “Jaws,” Tim Flagler designed a colorful topwater pattern for bream and bass that is just the right size to keep small fish away while providing an irresistible lure to the big boys.


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  • Tanglehead

    Love the fly! Just tied two, and will tie more (thank you dollar store foam). Can’t wait to pull a soaked one out of the water and say “Alex Kintner…you are pruning!”

  • McGuffin

    Crying laughing. The name, the colors. Crying. The title alone will have me laughing the rest of the day.

  • Jim Holmes

    Looks a little stiff to me – I just tied one and used a bit of red marabou for the tail and spinner bait skirt material for the legs. All this wiggles a bit more. I like the bright colors! Obviously, those bass in the video were OK with these colors!