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How to Tie the Henryville Special

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

The Henryville Special is a caddis fly imitation created in the 1930s by Hiram Brobst for use on the Henryville section of Broadhead Creek in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania.

For a hook, Tim Flagler uses the slightly longer size 14 Dai-Riki #300, and for the thread black 70 Denier Ultra thread, though olive is also often used.

Says Flagler: “You can fish it like a traditional dry, skitter it on the surface or drag it under and swing it like a wet fly. All these methods will catch fish.”

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  • BH206L3

    One of the first dry flies I learned to tie. I have gone to simpler patterns, modified versions of the Elk Hair Caddis, these days. I like flies I can tie in two min or less. And the last few years Wood duck has become hard for me to find. The imitation wood duck, dose not have the texture or durability. I use to have a steady supply of it, but my duck hunting friends have long since passed away. They were always good about supplying me with wood duck skins from time to time. Good effective pattern never the less.

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