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How to Tie the Forget-Me-Knot Midge

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Studios

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie his Forget-Me-Knot Midge, whose translucent, segmented Amnesia abdomen works magic on trout. Similar to a Blood Midge, the red Forget-Me-Knot imitates common Chironominae (Chironomid) larvae, but it can be tied in any color of Amnesia or other translucent monofilament.

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  • harvey rude

    Tim, nice job and very cleaver. I will tie some for sure.

  • Badcaster

    Do I have a tail water where these will work this winter!

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  • Tie 1 ON

    Good looking winter midge – great talking to you at the fly show in Atlanta, and thanks for showing me a better way on Pat’s Rubber Leg

  • mike miller

    Pretty cool midge