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How to Tie Ken’s Crazy Ant

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Ken’s Crazy Ant, authored by Ken Walrath, is super easy to tie, floats like a cork, and is incredibly realistic.  Tim Flagler ties this one on a Dai-Riki #305 size 16 hook, with black UTC 70 Ultra thread.

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  • Jay

    Who is the manufacturer? I see “Cubie” ….. Where can it be bought? A Yahoo search of “Cubie” didn’t provide any answers. Pictured is white. Does it come in black, also. If not, do you simply color with a permanent black marker?

    • Tightline

      Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes all carry it. Sold under a variety of brand names. Colors are hit or miss. Coloring with markers works well on white.

  • jerry olsen

    just found it as a non stick shelf liner…

  • Jim in Houston

    Very neat! I’m going to hit the kitchen cabinets tonight after my wife goes to bed. She will never miss that shelf liner! I’m also going to post this on the Texas Flyfishers of Houston FB page. What a great way to tie an ant.

  • mike miller

    nice ant

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  • Larry Snyder

    These ants also work well colored in tan or front half red and back half black. The red is a great attractor. I’m looking forward to seeing Ken, again, at the Denver Fly Fishing Show next week.

  • Nymphermaniac

    Great idea! Ken: I have tried everywhere I can think of to find the foam you are using. All I find, including on line, is the checkerboard type.==Doesn’t work. Can you help me with that?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ken

      brand names are mainstay, arm & hammer, easy liner by Duck

  • Nymphermaniac

    We found foam by “Con-Tact” brand. It will not float a size 18 dry fly hook.-And it soaks up water like a sponge. The fly looks great, but will only work as a drowned ant. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND. I will try to find the brands you named.
    Thanks Ken.

  • Melk

    If someone has extra that I can pruchase, paying S&H, please let me know. I can not find this in NH!!

  • S. Becker

    I’ve tied this pattern for several years now and find the addition of short(<3/4") medium black rubber legs really adds to the performance of this pattern. The shelf liner is available from Wal*Mart for lees than $5.00 for 10 square feet, which is enough to tie 19,800 ants. It can also be used to tied a very effective beetle pattern.