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How to Tie Higa’s SOS

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Says tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “This is Higa’s SOS, developed by guide Spencer Higa as a baetis imitation. SOS stands for ‘save our skin’ and this fly has apparently bailed out a multitude of guides on tough days. Many now consider it an all-around attractor pattern.”

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  • Fred Rickson

    The use of the “hackle pliers” in this video reminded me that the item is really a “test wire hook/clip.” We used to find them at Radio Shack and, if you super glue a bit of magnet to the base they make nice holders while waiting for head cement to dry. Today, Amazon has them for about $3.00 for 10 clips.

  • fritz

    can anyone tell me where the video is to make the thread holder in this video? Saw it a while ago but can’t locate it. thanks