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How to Tie a Trico Spinner

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler ties a Trico Spinner pattern authored by Eric Stroup. Tied on a size 20 #125 Dai-Riki emerger hook, Stroup’s pattern utilizes hair from the foot of a snowshoe rabbit.

Trico spinners are a must-have pattern during early mornings in July through September, when clouds of tricos begin to drop to the water.

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  • I’m a real fan of Tim Flagler’s fly tying videos – very instructive – very well done. Don’t know why the Trico Spinner video is protected and only available with a password. A mistake? Or tell me how to get a password

    • Tightline

      Glad you like the videos, we enjoy making them. I just checked the Vimeo settings and everything seems fine on that end. Please let me know if it’s still asking for a password in order to play the video. The only thing you can’t do is download the video.

    • Andrew, there was password protection in place for just a few minutes after the newsletter went out this morning. You shouldn’t have any problems accessing it now.

  • Tom

    I had the same problem a few minutes ago. Went back to the email and clicked the link again and it worked

  • I tried it again and it worked – great!!