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How to Tie a Thorax-Style Sulphur Dun

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Says videographer Tim Flagler: “In Vince Marinaro’s book A Modern Dry-Fly Code he provided detailed instructions for tying a thorax-style dry fly. Few other dry fly patterns rival it’s ability to fool hyper-selective feeding trout. It’s finely shaped wings, tail fibers splayed at 90 degrees and criss-cross hackling all contribute perfectly to the fly’s look and function. They also make it rather difficult to tie.”

Matt Grobert ties this version on a size 14 hook.

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  • Nymphermaniac

    Very nicely done, and a beautiful fly. How do you keep a fly like this from spinning in the air? I have trouble with that.

    • Matthew Grobert

      Sometimes you just have to go up a size with your tippet, or you can use a surgeons swivel knot. With a surgeons swivel, you run your tippet through the hook eye and then at the end lay a short piece of heavier tippet along side the tippet and tie a double surgeons knot pulling it tight. Clip the tag ends leaving a “ball” at the end of your tippet which will allow the fly to spin without spinning the tippet. Good luck. Matt

    • sonatona10

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  • Nymphermaniac

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