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How to Tie a Sucker Spawn

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler “overcomes his self-loathing” and ties the very effective Sucker Spawn on a size 12 number #125 Dai-Riki hook using Angora rabbit yarn.  “It’s a good idea,” Tim says, “to carry a variety of colors in case you run into some finicky trout.”  Further: “I consider myself only a recreational user of Sucker Spawn, so I really don’t have a problem.”

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  • Doc Whitet

    Nice tie…but how do you use it?  When do suckers spawn???  How deep, etc, etc, etc???

    • Tightline

      Here in NJ we usually start to see suckers on their spawning redds in April and continuing well into May. Oftentimes you’ll see trout just a few feet downstream from them. Just a split shot about 8 inches up from the fly? will do the trick.

  • Sam

    Nice & easy.That’s my kind of tie.

  • Mikenedza68

    nice video, glad your only a recreational user 🙂

  • BH206L3

    As an old Friend would say its “snot on a hook”. This could be adapted for the Great Lakes Salmon and Steel head fisheries. Going to have to tie some up for my box April will be here in 6 months.