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How to Tie a Poison Tung

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “While you’ve got the material out, consider tying a larger, heavily weighted version of the Poison Tung to transport its little brother down to the bottom, where trout tend to hang in the winter. To build a tandem rig that incorporates both flies, I’ll Uni-Knot an 18- to 24-inch length of light, limp mono tippet material to the hook bend of the larger fly and tie the smaller fly to the other end.”

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  • tede

    Two thoughts I’d like to run by you, Tim. What’s your idea of using Spirit Rivers EV2 to attract predatory response/attraction and using loop knots on little brother to invoke a little more action (or did I misunderstand when you mentioned your use of a Uni-knot).

    • Tightline

      The dubbing is completely up to you, whatever you have the most faith in will work the best. As for the loop, you can use a Uni-knot that hasn’t been closed all the way on the trailing fly but the knot will be quite visible. On flies this small, I am all about the Davy Knot even if it does restrict movement somewhat.

  • mike miller

    Why not use Fluoro. I am with you on the davy knot, I use it all the time warm and cold water.

    • Tightline

      For unweighted trailing flies, I have started using limp mono because I believe it allows the fly to move around more naturally than stiffer fluoro. This is one of those subjective things and there are trade-offs. But, the more I use the limp mono, the more I like it. Your results may vary.

  • mike miller

    I also used white silk thread, fine blue wire to the side of the hook and Ice Dub UV Pearl.

    • Tightline

      Sounds good!

  • Ochocojack

    How do you uni-knot tippet material to the hook bend of a larger fly? A uni-knot forms a non adjustable loop and when I tie a tippet to a hook bend I tie a knot that will tighten the loop under tension.