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How to Tie a Non-Slip Loop Knot

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

As Tim Flagler says, the Non-Slip Loop Knot is a fly “that belongs in every angler’s bag of tricks, as it allows the fly to move through a much greater range of motion than a standard knot, like a Uni- or an Improved Clinch.”

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  • normanduncan

    This “Non-Slip” knot is a modification of the Homer Rhodes Loop Knot from the early 1950’s, these knots should always be “set” by making a final hard pull from the fly to the tippet prior to trimming the tag end.
    The “Duncan Loop” knot (Uni) should not pull down and cinch against the hook eye if properly tied. The Duncan Loop also uses much less tippet material than these knots if, after the knot is formed it is slid toward the tag-end as it is pulled up.

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