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How to Tie a Light Cahill Parachute

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie the Light Summer Cahill fly pattern.  A variation on Dan Cahill’s original Catskill dry fly, the parachute version floats well, is  highly visible and works great as an early-to-mid-summer Pale Morning Dun imitation.

Tim’s technique here includes using UV-cured cement to secure the post and hackle—a foolproof method that keeps the underside of the fly clean and makes for a very durable fly.

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  • John

    That’s a wonderful, inovative tie. One if the more ingenious uses of UV cure resin! I’m sold.

  • BH206L3

    That is the best trick I have seen in a long long time! I put durability then ease of tying the fly on the top of my requirements! Above all a fly has to last, If I can get a whole day out of a fly and at east a dozen fish, Its a good tied fly! On my best day, I caught and landed over 50 on an elk hair caddis during the mothers day hatch- I tied durability into it and thou it was ratty looking at the time I replaced it with another, once dried out , that same fly fished even better the next day! Its also when I learned that we tend to over dress our flies, I try to tie my flies now to have that look, of being chewed on some from the start, my hook up and landing rates jumped by a good margin! I think I will be using this technique a lot from now on! I have come to conclude that UV resin is one of the greatest things to come to the sport in the last 30 years,

  • mike

    It seems to me that the UV would make the post to ridged and the fish would spit it out immediately.

    • Tightline

      No more rigid than with a standard tightly wrapped thread post. It’s also a dry fly so most of the time you can see the rise and set the hook before any attempt is made by the trout to spit it out.

      • Fred Rickson

        But, you don’t set the hook immediately. You let the fish turn, in this case with a toothpick in its mouth.