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How to Tie a Ken Lockwood Streamer

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

How to Tie a Ken Lockwood Streamer FlyTier and videographer Tim Flagler:  “Named for noted outdoor journalist and conservationist Ken Lockwood, the [Ken Lockwood] Gorge has become a fly fishing destination for northeast anglers. Although it’s stocked by the state, there are a significant number of wild fish in the mix as well. This nifty looking little streamer was also named for Mr. Lockwood and just so happens to work quite well in the gorge, particularly in the fall.”

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  • Fred Rickson

    I really get a kick out of the “wild fish” only crowd, when you read that (above) the fish are stocked, but there are wild fish also. Folks, 100,000 rainbow are put into Hebgen Lake every year, and these fish swim up the Madison and into Yellowstone Park to breed. Don’t fish for hatchery targets….better give up the Park. Oh wait, you can’t tell the difference. My bad. And, I won’t even mention that Browns are native only to Europe.