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How to Tie a Dumb Bunny

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Videographer and tier Tim Flagler: “I call this streamer the Dumb Bunny because the only two materials used are dumbbell eyes and rabbit zonker strips. It’s kind of a mash-up between a Zonker, a Clouser Minnow and a Rubber Worm, rigged Texas-style. I like the fact that it can be tied with a lighter belly and a darker back, similar to most baitfish, and, well, fish. The hook is also hidden exceptionally well which makes it nearly weedless and helps to keep it from getting hung up on the bottom.”

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  • JasonM

    Tim, I like it. One question I am surprised that you do not tie the dumb bell eye on the bottom of the hook? I would have thought the eye would have been enough to flip even a jig hook. I guess the wing provides enough resistance to keep from flipping over.

    • Tightline

      Jason, several people have asked this same question since I posted the video and the reason is really pure aesthetics. With the eyes below the shank the fly looks just a little off, kinda like a Picasso painting. As you can see in the underwater video in the beginning, with the prescribed hook and the eyes above the shank the fly tracks very upright and true even with aggressive stripping (I do use a non-slip loop which invariably helps with this).

  • Buster01Actual .

    Tim: How would the fly perform with the eyes on the top of a normal streamer hook do you think?