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How to Tie a Cinnamon Flying Ant

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to a hi-vis terrestrial that’s a great alternative for summer and early fall.  “If you’re worried about the orange foam being a bit too bright,” notes Flagler, “give the undersides of both segments a swipe with a brown permanent marker. I usually just leave the foam as is and trout don’t seem to care. Once you get rolling, you can tie a whole bunch of these little guys in fairly short order. “

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  • Fred Rickson

    I tie this type of fly for all my ants here on Hebgen Lake in Montana. My only suggestion would be tying the white wing material in under the abdomen section (on the hook shank) so it lies flat on the water like the real thing. I tell myself the fish can seen the glint better.

  • Fred Rickson

    Sorry for the typo……”can see the glint better.”