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How to Tie a Blood Knot

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie one of the most useful knots in fly fishing.   Although tying the blood knot well takes practice, you’ll never forget the steps once you’ve tied a few.  The blood knot is particularly helpful in tying together two pieces of tippet and in constructing leaders.

As Flagler explains: “The blood knot is probably best known for joining monofilament segments of varying lengths, diameters and breaking strengths to produce tapered leaders that turn over easily, allow a fly to gently land on the water’s surface and help to produce a drag free drift. The blood knot’s smooth, elongated shape enables it to slip easily through rod guides and keeps it from picking up slime or debris in the water.”

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  • Jon

    Pinching the intersection point (around 1:20 in the video) is the part that has always tripped me up the most while trying to tie this knot with small tippet. Most videos just show this knot with rope or heavy fly line – thanks for adding a segment with the material where it will most often be used!

    • There are a few different ways to keep the tag ends from backing out during the tightening. I find the easiest way is to hold them in my lips, especially when I am trying to tie the knot fast and using saliva for lubricant. But everyone will eventually find the way the works best for them.