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How to Tie a Bighorn CDC X-Caddis

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Videographer Tim Flagler: “The Bighorn CDC X-Caddis is intended to imitate the small black caddis that hatch out from late July into early September in significant numbers on Montana’s Bighorn River. While most anglers are drawn to the deeper runs and pools, the shallow riffles are where the action really takes place during this hatch. It’s amazing how so many large fish can take up residence in such skinny water. At the end of the day, don’t be surprised if you find your waders covered with the green eggs that were deposited on the water’s surface by this species of caddis.”

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  • Tim McCoy

    Nice and simple, and good looking fish catcher. Would changing colors for local matching caddies work? What would you us to keep the fly afloat?

    • Matthew Grobert

      Tim, yes, change colors to match your local hatches, just keep the shuck the same color. I don’t use floatants on the fly except after a fish I squeeze the water out of it in a fly patch or amadou, and then hit it with frogs fanny and it’s go to go again.


  • genelarson

    I’ve seen the X Caddis tied in several different colors. Had a great day on the Au Sable in Michigan a few years ago on an X, tan, I think. As to floating, regular fly goop and wings don’t play well together. Would the white gas/paraffin mixture work if just applied to the body and let it dry before finishing the fly?

    • Matthew Grobert

      There are some fly treatments available you can use after the fly is tied, try those. I would think a gas/parrafin mix would make the fly stick and possibly leave a film around the fly on the water surface. I prefer to fish my dries natural and false cast them to keep them dry. After a fish squeeze the water out of the fly and hit it with frogs fanny. I’ve been doing this for years without an isssue.