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“Hatch” Trailer

Producer: Gin Clear Media

Gin Clear Media’s just-released trailer for their new DVD “Hatch” includes phenomenal footage of insects, hatches, water and fishing.

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  • Nick

    Looks great, really got me buzzed about going fishing soon. but when can I see it in its entirety in Ireland???

  • Gofishinor

    Cool DVD Man!

  • Dcastlen50

    Just fantastic!  Thank you!
      Can you find one of an insect in SOUTH florida; in particular, SE Florida.  An insect that bass eat would be a real treat.  No matter, this was more than entertaining

  • Shepherdjohn283

    real nice program of info thanks

  • Roger

    This is a very professionally presented video of a wide range of bugs that are of interest to us in the fly fishing world. Heck, this is interesting to folks who aren’t fly fishers. It is also a very nice pairing of music with the video.

    I am a 66 year old fly fisherman (for 41 years) and I cherish “the process” of fly fishing more now than ever in my life. This video pretty much catures what I get from fly fishing here in Colorado.

    Very nice.

  • zawlinn

    This is nice program of my thanks