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“Doc of the Drakes”

Producer: Bryan Huskey  |  Silver Creek Outfitters

“What does fly fishing mean to you, and why? What makes a day on the water waving long skinny strands of graphite rewarding? How many fish do you need in the net to call the day a success?” Those are the questions filmmaker Bryan Huskey wanted to help answer when he filmed Dr. Robert Franklin of Houston, Texas with Pete Wood of Silver Creek Outfitters.

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  • Anonymous

    incredibly beautiful to watch

  • As a simple ding-dong pointing a camera around and pushing buttons, I was so fortunate to have such incredible characters as Pete and The Doc in front of the lens. The story that developed over those two days of fishing Silver Creek was pure magic.  
    ~bryan huskey

    • Simple ding-dongs don’t capture such incredibly rich stories, Bryan 🙂 Wonderful work.

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  • Roscoewj

    Best darn video. I love it. Life is about helping other experience the best in life.  Pete is a true sprit to that cause.

  • Enhudon

    What a great film…..Pete and Doc shared a great experience together.  How nice to be able to help someone in need.


  • Mary Raub Offenburger

    I am so happy Dr.Franklin, has a rewarding hobby. Speaking from experience, he has helped so many people in his life, who will be forever touched by his kindness. I will always be indebted to him! He was a wonderful friend, and doctor to me. So, I’m glad he has Pete Wood.

    Mary Raub Offenburger

  • R. Howden

    “Doc” is a class guy. Man loves fly fishing and it shows!

  • Rick

    Who needs to catch a fish for it to be a successful day, eh?