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Casting Essentials: Power Application

Producer: Carl McNeil  |  On the Fly Productions

Casting expert Carl McNeil describes the importance of proper power application in the casting stroke. “Power should be applied smoothly, throughout the stroke. That means that from the moment that you start, right through to the stop, power should be applied smoothly. And we call this constant acceleration. Lefty Kreh says the best way to think of this is to start slowly and finish fast, and that’s about the best explanation I’ve heard.”

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  • Paddler

    The explanation seems contradictory.  On one hand you say “apply power smoothly” and on the other hand you say “start slowly and finish fast”.  ?????

    • Yep that’s right Paddler. You need to accelerate the rod smoothly – without any abrupt changes in power.
      The rod should be moving it’s fastest right before the stop at the end of the stroke. To do this you need to start (moving the rod in terms of power) slowly and finish fast.  That will give you the smooth constant acceleration you need to maintain a smooth steady tip path.

      If you apply power abruptly at any point the rod tip will dip down and then raise back up – usually resulting in tailing loop.

      In a similar manner – if you apply too much power too soon at the beginning of the stroke you’ll get the same result.

      Think of it like slinging paint off a paint brush, in order to do this really effectively you need to start slow and finish fast.

  • Howard

    We need to hear this more often !!!!!!!!!!!!