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Book Review: “The Mayfly Guide”

The Mayfly Guide, Al Caucci’s new streamside guide to identifying mayfly nymphs, duns and spinners is reviewed by John Melfi: “This book is pure utility. There is no purple prose, and not a single story of how Caucci correctly identified some unexpected … more

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20 Questions: Andrew Bennett

There are many stories of people leaving corporate America to open a fly shop.  While that vocation is certainly risky, try quitting your job and buying three fly-fishing lodges… in three separate countries.  That is exactly what Andrew Bennett, owner … more

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Video Hatch: “Turning Tail” Trailer

‘Iconic,’ ‘majestic,’ ‘historic,’ and ‘necessary’ are words that have been used to describe the Atlantic salmon.  The fish, now limited in the United States mostly to Maine, has its fair share of supporters in the state and elsewhere.  In this … more

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Tippets: Maine’s Aquatic Biodiversity, Steelhead By the Numbers, Reinventing the Fishing Dog

The Kennebec Land Trust, an organization whose mission is to protect the landscape of the Kennebec River and Lakes Region of Maine, will hold its 10th Lyceum Series this month.  The topic is Maine’s aquatic biodiversity, including a presentation on … more

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Video Hatch: “Rolled with Love”

No sugar coating here.  Just an attention to detail and some love leads to what Thomas & Thomas calls the “straightest blanks in the industry.”

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Gear Review (Video): SporTube Vac Rac Combi


I’ve used many forms of rod racks for vehicle transportation over the years. Racks that go inside and racks that go outside. Racks that protect fly rods and ones that don’t. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different … more

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Upcoming Fly-Fishing Books

No Shortage of Good Days, by John Gierach, will be released on paperback April 24, 2012.  In typical Gierach fashion, the collection of essays covers a multitude of topics and locations through a fly-fishing lens. The Orvis Guide to Fly … more

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Bonefish: The $75,000 Fish

Money talks.  By placing a value on various resources, advocates for conservation hope to bring attention to the economics of preserving various resources.  For example, Dr. Jerry Ault, a University of Miami marine biologist who specializes in bonefish, believes the … more

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Video Hatch: “Carpaholic”

“Carpaholic” explores the urban waters of Denver, Colorado, as Barry Reynolds talks about what he’s learned and encourages others to try angling for “inland whales. Elitist fly fishers need not apply, scumdogs only.”

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Rising Fish Flask Pack


This pack features dedicated floatant/bottle holders, a horizontal tippet leash, tool slots, “tippet 4-life” pocket, lash system, and neoprene strap. MSRP: $59. Find more info on the Rising Fish Web site.  More mentions of Rising Fish on MidCurrent.

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