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Video Hatch: “Long Live the King”

From Fly Out Media comes this trailer for a film highlighting the Alaskan King Salmon and the pressure being put on the species.

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Video Hatch: “Silt”

The cruise ships that come and go from Key West harbor over 300 times each year are not without dire environmental impact, shown in this short film from William Benson.

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Fracking Chemicals in the Colorado River

Chemicals used in the fracking process have been discovered in the Colorado River, a drinking water source for nearly thirty million people.  “This could raise the risk of reproductive, metabolic, neurological and other diseases, especially in children who are exposed … more

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Florida Gill Net Ban

A recent ruling by Circuit Court Judge Jackie Fulford has allowed gill netting to once again take place in Florida waters. However, The Coastal Conservation Association is intervening to uphold the Constitutional Amendment limiting marine net fishing. “CCA will spend … more

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Attaching Tippet Rings to Leaders

Tippet rings, anyone?  Tim Flagler departs from his rather rigorous fly-tying video production schedule to take on these little devices, which can be viewed as either “the greatest thing since sliced bread or may represent the end of civilized fly … more

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Good News for Tarpon: Key West Votes Down Harbor Dredging

After many months of debate and a determined effort by pro-cruise ship business interests to sway voters, Key West voted down expanded dredging of the island’s harbor–a natural refuge for migrating tarpon and other species.    Previous dredging of the … more

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Fly Fishing Apolitically

In his most recent Daily Caller column, Matt Labash writes about fly fishing spouses and Northwestern getaways, and how no matter your political stripe how we all can (or at least should) agree about conservation. As he says, “You won’t find … more

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Video Hatch: “The Stone Sessions: Vol. 1”

Stoneflies have arrived on Oregon’s Deschutes River and are featured here in this film short from Outside Bend Productions.

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Tippets: Pyramid Lake Basics, Port Cities at Risk, Sacred Art, Signing for Food

Ben Smith had a dream and goal of fly fishing for Lahontan cutthroat trout in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Recently he made that goal happen, and shared his experience and tips on his blog Arizona Wanderings. With travel and trade, port cities receive … more

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Fly Fishing: A Sport

Fly fishing is considered a religion to some, pastime to others, and a hobby to many. Yet a growing number of anglers consider it a sport.  Kirk Deeter weighs in on semantics, and his changed perspective is thanks to the … more

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