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Tippets: Anchored Podcast, Washington Mining Legislation, Winter Streamer Fishing

The most recent episode of the “Anchored with April Vokey” podcast features retailer, photographer, guide and Patagonia ambassador Dave McCoy. Vokey and McCoy present a great discussion on the fly fishing industry, bridging the gap between fly and gear anglers … more

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Tippets: Ocean Waste Hits Home, Standing Still on the Flats

A Chilliwack fisherman recently caught a steelhead on the Vedder River, which was filled with plastics and garbage, highlighting the threats facing wild steelhead in polluted Pacific Ocean waters. Via The Calgary Herald. It’s easy to get anxious searching for … more

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Tippets: Lightning Safety, ESA Success Story, Cold Weather Fishing Tips

Being out on the water during a storm is dangerous, and a recent article on The Fishing Wire highlights facts about lightning and what you can do to stay safe. The unassuming Oregon chub recently made news as the first fish … more

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Tippets: “Spring Seeps” Recon, Impacts of Elwha Dam Removal

Finding “spring seeps” during summertime fishing can be the key to success in winter conditions. Ben Kryzinski  has some great advice for finding these productive areas in a recent article on Hatch Magazine. “The next time you’re wading your favorite … more

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Tippets: Leaky Waders, Changing Biodiversity, Catch & Release Best Practices

Some things get better with age, writes Matthew Copeland, “bourbon in the barrel, a cast iron skillet and, of course, fine wine.” However, “waders rarely make the list.” Read more of Copeland’s essay via Stalking the Seam. Research published recently … more

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Tippets: Spring Tease, Fishing with Dynamite, Rigging for Muskie

For anglers seasonal change brings along with it reasons for hope, which are also often dashed, writes Mike Sepelak: “Spring is a tease.” Read more of Sepelak’s essay via Mike’s Gone Fishin’. New York Times journalist Kate Galbraith reports on the practice … more

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Tippets: Analyze Your Cast, Netted Discovery, Photo Contest

Dirk le Roux presents video and still images overlaid with line graphs of motion of some of the world’s top distance casters in a recent post on The Limp Cobra. Anglers of all levels can learn a lot from this … more

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Tippets: Being a Good Guide, Bozeman Reels

From certifications to barbless flies, Jason Klass writes about what it really takes to be a good fly fishing guide. Via Tenkara Talk. The Bozeman Reel Company, started in 2008, combines “a scientific approach with a Montana ethos: a handshake … more

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Tippets: Story Behind the Shot, Oil in the Yellowstone, Knowing Knots

The story behind a photo is sometimes even better than the shot itself. Louis Cahill writes about just such a shot, probably now familiar to many anglers, recently on Gink & Gasoline. Traces of benzene from the pipeline spill that … more

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Tippets: Keys to Sight Fishing, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Face Warming

Whether you’re scanning saltwater flats or warmwater ponds, some of the same principles for sight fishing apply. From pacing to sunlight, read more about Kirk Deeter’s “six keys” for successful  spotting. Via Field & Stream. New research published in the … more

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