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Tippets: Dealing with Deer Hair, Michigan Hatcheries, Chicago’s War on Carp

From grading and selecting deer hair to stacking and spinning, Kelly Galloup explains how to create deer hair collars in several instructional videos via Franken Fly. A recent article by Howard Meyerson features the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, one of … more

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Tippets: Call to Action, More About Muskie, Fertilizing Forests

“Fly fishing is, at its heart, about our connection to something far greater and more perfect than modern existence,” writes Todd Tanner in a recent piece urging anglers to action to protect fisheries. Via Hatch Magazine. The muskellunge is a … more

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Tippets: Tenkara Techniques, Chemicals in English Streams, “Planned Intelligence”

From dead drifts to skating the fly, learn more about tenkara techniques with ten tips from Jason Klass via Tenkara USA. The rivers Test and Itchen, famous for their fly fishing history, are suffering from high chemical levels in their … more

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Tippets: Two-Handed Rod Techniques, Bonefish Survey, Magic Moments

Head over to the Sage blog for an overview of two-handed fly rods and techniques, from defining terms to explaining the difference between a skagit and scandi setup, by Mark Raisler, owner of Headhunters Fly Shop. To help gather data on … more

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Tippets: Glenn Brackett Interview, Swimming Right, Great Lakes Water Levels Dropping

Legendary rod maker Glenn Brackett gives a fascinating interview in a recent talk with Mark Huff, on everything from art and authors to sourcing bamboo and saltwaters. No matter how it looks in your vise, a fly that doesn’t ride right in … more

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Tippets: Wading Techniques, Public Access in Utah, Endangered Species Recovery

Wading can be dangerous, particularly in new and unknown waters.  Daniel Galhardo recently put together an article on tips and techniques for wading safely. Make sure to check them out on Tenkara USA. A recent article in the Desert News reports … more

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Tippets: Jako Lucas Interview, Barrier for Invasive, More Knot Videos

Jako Lucas, fly fishing filmmaker of “Gangsters of the Flats” and “Aqua Hulk,” sits down with Geoff Mueller of The Drake to talk about everything from his start in film to his most recently feature, “320.” A recent report from The … more

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Tippets: Tarpon Daze, Stunted Salmon, The Tying Nun

For a look at an incredible photo with an equally engaging story behind it, check out Monte Burke’s article “Tarpon Daze,” featuring the image by Tom Rosenbauer, on Forbes. Climate change in the oceans could be impacting salmon growth and … more

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Tippets: Mousing 101, Alaska Senator on Pebble Mine, Wintertime Blues

Mousing is an endeavor only the most invested attempt, and Jason Tucker is in it for the long haul. Recently, he put his extensive experience into an article on what you’ll need out on the water after nightfall. Read Mousing … more

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Tippets: Naming Rights, Mistakes That Break Rods, Fossilized Rivers

“Salmon pools are sacred things and are rarely, if ever, renamed,” writes Monte Burke. Read more about his time on the waters of Labrador in a recent essay in The Drake. Mistakes are easier to see in hindsight, and Louis … more

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