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Tippets: Bird Watching, Two-Handed Casts, Interview with Dave McCoy

Observing birds can be an effective way of identifying where fish are. Kent Klewein writes about how to use birds to your advantage as an angler. In a recent article and video, Peter Kutzer demonstrates how to make roll and … more

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Tippets: Fly Fishing and The Cold War, Travel Smart, “A Tight Loop” Magazine

Did fly fishing help to end the Cold War? Newly released documents by The National Security Archive of George Washington University shed light on the forgotten importance of Eduard Shevardnadze, Soviet foreign minister from 1985 to 1990, and a 1989 … more

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Tippets: On Fishing to Spawning Trout, Casting Theory with Tim Rajeff, “Eargo” and Fly Design

Discussion about the ethics and impact of fishing during spawning season is always a hot topic. And in a recent post on East Coast Fly Guy, the experts in the field, fisheries biologists, are called on to comment on the … more

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Tippets: Rod “Action” Explained, Gear Trends, Rigging Tube Flies

Slow and fast, mid- or tip-flex—they can all be confusing terms for even advanced anglers. Watch these two instructional videos from Tim Rajeff for a great explanation of understanding fly rod action. Thanks to technological advancements in plastics manufacturing, improvements … more

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Tippets: California Salmon and Steelhead Recovery, Cold Water Climate Shield, Trout Salvage Effort, Climate Change and Economy, Rescue on the Deschutes

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has proposed a new plan for restoring salmon and steelhead in California’s coastal watersheds. The plan is available for public comment through December 4, 2015. Scientists are beginning to map out a “Cold Water … more

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Tippets: Mousing Retrieve, Cutthroats, Choosing a Strike Indicator

In a recent video from The New Fly Fisher television show, host Colin McKeown demonstrates a highly effective retrieve pattern for fishing mouse patterns. Watch via Orvis. There are 10 different subspecies of cutthroat trout, and identification can be confusing. Spencer … more

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Tippets: Frank Moore Interview, Tenkara Casts, Tips for Better Streamers

In her most recent podcast, April Vokey sits down with WWII veteran and steelhead legend Frank Moore. Listen to the episode here. Casting in the wind is always a difficult task, and it’s even more trying with traditional tenkara lines. In a … more

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Tippets: Nymphing with Joe Humphreys, Chasing Native Trout, NZ Strike Indicators

In this short film shot on his Pennsylvania homewaters, the legendary Joe Humphreys demonstrates essential nymphing techniques and tactics. Via The New Fly Fisher. The Western Native Trout Initiative has launched a new campaign focusing on Westslope Cutthroat, Bonneville Cutthroat, Lahontan … more

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Tippets: On the Caddisfly, Choosing a Fly Rod

“Whereas mayflies have an abundance of fly fishing literature dedicated to their existence, there is much less information about caddisflies,” writes Paul Weamer. Learn more about this under-appreciated species from Weamer, the author of the recently published The Bug Book, published … more

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Tippets: Deaton Wins Nobel Prize, Florida Fly Fishing Expo, Fly Casting Biometrics

Princeton University economist Angus Deaton was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on poverty, which is of “immense importance for human welfare, not least in poor countries.” Deaton, a native of Scotland, is an avid fly angler and … more

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