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Tippets: Split Shot Tips, Removing Fish Hooks

When conditions call for split shot, frustrations can arise. However Domenick Swentosky writes about some easy products and techniques for making split shot stay in place throughout your time on the water. Via Troutbitten. As Phil Monahan reminds, it’s a … more

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Tippets: Learning to Fly Fish in Chile, Packing Tips

“Eight thousand miles is a long way to go to catch a trout,” begins Richard Holledge. It’s also a long way to go to learn how to fly fish. But Holledge does both and writes about his travels to learn … more

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Tippets: Soldier Fished to Feed Troops, Finding Pike and Muskellunge

The Telegraph reports on John Henry Hirst, a First World War soldier who braved bullets and bombs while catching fish for his fellow troops. “During the war he displayed remarkable courage. He was an incredibly brave man. Because he was … more

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Tippets: 58 Terms for Water, Tying the Hotwire Caddis

Covering everything from lochs and ghylls to bights and freshets, Meg Neal writes a guide to different terms for water from across the world. “Considering that humankind has from the very beginning subsisted on, resided near and built civilizations around … more

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Tippets: On Drift Boats, Whitaker Credits Vokey

If you’re in the market for a drift boat, don’t miss this advice from veteran angler Todd Tanner. From storage to material, and trusted companies to consider, read his article before you buy via Hatch Magazine. Bill Whitaker credits a story … more

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Tippets: Great Lakes and Oil Pipelines, Farmed and Wild Salmon Interbreeding, Goldfish Invasion

A new film, “Great Lakes, Bad Lines,” tells the story of two Michigan natives and their quest to raise awareness of the dangers Enbridge Oil’s Line 5 poses to the Great Lakes and inland waters of Michigan. “Through the lens … more

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Tippets: Casting Drills, Tanner’s “Seeking Absolution”

The time to practice casting isn’t out on the water, writes Zach Matthews. He outlines five drills for improving your cast for fall fishing success, in this article via The Itinerant Angler. There’s an inherent tension in fly fishing, writes … more

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Tippets: Labash on Trophy Rainbows, BTT Photo Contest

Matt Labash weighs in on trophy rainbows and educating freshly stocked trout in his recent column in The Weekly Standard (see page 2). “It’s a useful arrangement for both me and the fish. I add plenty of rainbows to my fish … more

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Tippets: The 15 Best Carp Flies, Crazy Reese Ferguison Hopper Dropper Derby

Carp are more intelligent than many anglers give them credit for, and they reside in diverse ecosystems, which factor into fly choice. Jay Zimmerman, author of The Best Carp Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them, writes about factors that play … more

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Tippets: Oldest Fishing Hooks Found, Triggering a Trout Strike

On Okinawa Island between mainland Japan and Taiwan researchers have found the world’s oldest fish hook to date. The hooks, carved from shells, date back approximately 23,000 years and were used to catch parrotfish and eels. The research is published … more

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