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The Physics of Casting

While fly fishing is often lauded as an art, fly casting is without doubt a science. And in an issue of Discover magazine, Curtis Rist talks to the legendary Joan Wulff, physicist Jeff Kommers, and mechanical engineers Graig Spolek and … more

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Dunkings and Deservings

Before Robert DeMott fell ass over teakettle into the Madison river some time ago, he might have had pretensions of belonging to that fraternity of cover-shot-qualified anglers who fill the pages of fly fishing media. But instead, as he describes … more

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A Fish is Not a Mountain

We all have our places we return to again and again, to those holes we know hold big fish, ever curious to know if they’re still there. Yet “A fish is not a mountain and an angler not a climber,” … more

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Leaving the Comfort Zone

There are two kinds of water, says Kirk Deeter in this week’s Fly Fishing Jazz column: rivers to fish when you want to pretend to be a great angler, and others where you actually become a great angler.  Both have their … more

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Video: Tenkara Casting Basics


Another very simple and easy to understand tutorial on the basics of Tenkara fishing by Daniel Galhardo. Last week he showed us how to rig up the a line on a Tenakara rod, this week he shows us how to …

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Video Hatch: Painless Hook Removal

At some point (if it hasn’t happened already), you’re sure to snag yourself or your fishing partner with a fly. Here, the guys over at Gink & Gasoline provide a great how-to.

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Video Hatch: “How to Fly Fish Colorado’s Freestone Streams”

From picking pockets and deep pools, to casting in tight spaces and tips for unsnagging flies, Josh Rickard of Rocky Mountain Fly Fisher has produced an informative film on how to fish Colorado’s freestone streams.

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Homage to Charlie Meyers

Published posthumously in 2010, Charlie Meyers’s co-authored The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing (with Kirk Deeter) is quickly becoming a classic. And putting many of those 250 tips to good use,  Scott Willoughby and Deeter head to the South Platte … more

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Trout Tactics for Three Days

Scott Sadil’s books–Angling Baha, Lost in Wyoming, Cast from the Edge, and the recent Fly Tales–deserve as much attention as anything recently written about the sport of fly fishing.   Sadil is one of those rare writers who can both … more

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Henry’s Fork with a Southern Twang

With picky fish sipping low-riding mayfly imitations, it is no wonder that the patterns of famed angler Rene Harrop work just as well on the South Holston–a river in a sleepy part of East Tennessee–as they do on the famed … more

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