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Barracudas: They Start Young

The behavior of baby barracudas is largely shrouded in mystery, in part because the fish’s larvae drift in the open ocean (much like they do for bonefish, tarpon, and other species).  But researchers at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of … more

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New Sunscreens Could Use Natural UV-Blockers in Coral

“Researchers at King’s College London have discovered how coral produces natural sunscreen compounds to protect itself from damaging UV rays, leading scientists to believe these compounds could form the basis of a new type of sunscreen for humans,” ScienceDaily reported … more

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A Rude Ending to a Short Life

Oregon State University researcher George Poinar, Jr. discovers a new (extinct) subfamily, genus and species of mayfly trapped in amber and uses the occasion to explain why mayflies are worth studying: “Understanding the ecology and history of mayflies is important, … more

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“All Bugs Are Created Equal”

Connecticut River Watershed Council river steward David Deen talks about the good and bad of riparian insects and the similarities between magic and fly fishing. “If you strip away the flyfishing mystique of fancy equipment, well meant advice and the blizzard … more

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“Naming Nature”

Author and artist James Prosek will join evolutionary biologists and others from Yale and the Smithsonian Institution at Yale’s Whitney Humanities Center on Friday for a symposium titled “Naming Nature: A conversation on the nature, uses and limitations of biological … more

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Ant Stridulation and the Peent of Nighthawks

NPR’s Weekend Edition featured a story about how biologists are beginning to believe that the “soundscape” of nature could be a valuable clue to ecological health. “‘We’re trying to understand how sounds can be used as measures of ecosystem health,’ … more

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"Bonefish & Tarpon Journal"

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has somewhat quietly been producing magazines full of stories, instruction and scientific details for the past three years, and if you have an interest in bonefish, tarpon, or permit, it’s well worth your time to check … more

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Nabokov's Butterflies

Vladimir Nabokov wasn’t just the author of the classic novels Lolita and Pale Fire; he was also an expert entomologist whose theories on butterfly migration are finally getting the respect they deserve. As Carl Zimmer reports in The New York … more

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Scientific American: Food Shortage Behind 2010 Bear Attack Increase

Scientific American writer John Platt says 2010′s record number of human-bear conflicts — and resulting bear deaths — can be traced directly to the loss of two key ingredients in grizzly bear diets: cutthroat trout and whitebark pine tree. “This … more

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Salmon Species Thought to Be Extinct Re-Discovered

A Japanese science professor says he has re-discovered the black kokanee, or “kunimasu” in Japanese. “The species was thought to have died out in 1940, when a hydroelectric project made the water more acidic in its native lake in northern … more

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