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Scientific American: Food Shortage Behind 2010 Bear Attack Increase

Scientific American writer John Platt says 2010′s record number of human-bear conflicts — and resulting bear deaths — can be traced directly to the loss of two key ingredients in grizzly bear diets: cutthroat trout and whitebark pine tree. “This … more

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Salmon Species Thought to Be Extinct Re-Discovered

A Japanese science professor says he has re-discovered the black kokanee, or “kunimasu” in Japanese. “The species was thought to have died out in 1940, when a hydroelectric project made the water more acidic in its native lake in northern … more

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Shy Trout Grow the Fastest

Here’s yet another clue to the puzzle of why the largest trout are such selective eaters — and so difficult to catch. Scientists from the Department of Zoology at the University of Gothenburg say that brown trout, like people, seem … more

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Podcast and Article: Genetically Modified Trout

Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood talks with TU’s senior scientist, Jack Williams, about the possibility that the FDA will give approval to genetically modify salmon for human consumption. Jack Williams: “There are really two major issues here. One … more

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Scientists: Brown Trout Shrink in Winter

If you were looking for an excuse not to go in search of a “trophy” trout in the middle of winter, scientists in Norway and Finland may have provided it. A team lead by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research … more

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NPR: James Prosek on "The Secret Life of Eels"

Artist and author James Prosek’s new book describes the biology and cultural history of one of the strangest fish, the eel. NPR’s Joe Palca interviewed Prosek this week and asked the obvious question: why would someone who’s spent their life … more

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Scientists: Wind-Borne Dust Reduces Colorado Run-Off

According to scientists studying the effect of wind-borne “dust-ups,” dust from the U.S. southwest — increased by grazing and other disturbances — has reduced runoff in the Colorado River Basin as a whole by about five percent per year. It … more

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FDA Opens Hearings Genetically Modified Atlantic Salmon

Virtually every major news outlet covered the FDA review of genetically modified salmon that began this week. The fish in question, by the way, are Atlantic salmon that have been genetically doctored to include the gene from an ocean pout … more

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NYT and Gawker: Noxious Invaders and Felt Soles

“For fly fishers who pride themselves on a conservationist ethic, it hurts to discover that they may be trampling on that ethic every time they wade into a trout stream.” Felicity Barringer covers the current thinking on the role of … more

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"Attention Is the Holy Grail"

Ever try to pinpoint what it is that draws you back to moving water and the single-minded focus required to catch rising trout or tailing bonefish? In this morning’s New York Times, Matt Richtel writes about the effects of heavy … more

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