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Ice Fish

An amazing discovery was recently made off the Ross Ice Shelf near the coast of Antarctica: a species of fish living beneath 740 meters of ice. The expedition funded by the National Science Foundation was investigating the history and long-term … more

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Recovering from “The Bends”

Known to divers as “the bends,” a condition called barotrauma also affects deepwater fish, occurring when the fish is brought from deep water to the surface too quickly. Chris Lowe, a marine scientist at California State, Long Beach, discovered that … more

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New Trout in Turkey

Researchers at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University have discovered a new trout species in Turkey. The newly described Salmo kottelati is distinct in its parr marks and mouth gape. The research methods and discovery can be read in a recent paper published … more

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How Otoliths Are Used In Fish Aging

To determine the age of a fish, biologists use a part of the inner ear called otoliths, which develop rings in similar manner to a tree. A recent article on The Fishing Wire explains how the data is collected and used … more

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When Fish Shout

The Lombard effect, which correlates a rise in vocal level to the proximity of surroundings, translates to other species as well. A recent paper published in Behavioral Ecology, examines how different fish species are coping with and communicating above human-caused noise. … more

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Birds Placed in Drunk Tanks

In one of the most unusual nature stories of the year, the National Post reports that “after thousands of years of eating an ethanol-heavy diet, evolution long-ago killed off all the lightweights in the waxwing population, resulting in a bird … more

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Prehistoric Hunter Habits May Have Shrunk Fish

While anglers are famous for story and size embellishment, the earliest fishermen may have not had to tell tall tales. After examining remains of prehistoric fish dinners in the northern Spain region, researchers have found the average size of Atlantic … more

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Why Is a Swordfish’s Sword So Strong?

Turns out that remodeling–the same process used by mammals to repair bone–happens somewhat differently in rostral bone of marlin and swordfish (their “sword”).   In mammals, two different types of cells are responsible for strengthening damaged bone.  The swordfish, researchers … more

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Teaching Fish to Walk

Recent research has demonstrated how the earliest tetrapod ancestors could have developed the ability to walk on land. Using bichir, a tropical freshwater fish that lives in Africa and is known to often walk on fins, the researchers raised juveniles … more

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IGFA Responds to Critique of World Records

In response to a recent paper published in Marine Policy, which calls for an end to trophy fishing and International Game Fish Association records of threatened fish species, the IGFA has submitted a response to the journal, explaining what it … more

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