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Tippets: Bristol Bay in Review, Trout in the Classroom, Fishy Roundup, Restricting New Mexico’s Public Access

While the fight to protect Bristol Bay has taken positive turns, it isn’t a win yet. Joel Reynolds runs down developments of the past year in a recent post on Switchbaord. Via NRDC. Students in Western North Carolina classrooms are … more

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Tippets: Gyotaku Fish Prints, Lessons from Bristol Bay, Christmas Tree Habitat, Power Plan Impacts Salmon

A traditional Japanese method of painting called gyotaku uses the bodies of fish to imprint on canvas. Artist Heather Fortner uses her work with the technique to “remind people that fish are a limited resource that’s being depleted rapidly from … more

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Tippets: Wild vs. Farmed, Smith River Mine Update, Hatchery Flooding, Westslope Cutthroat Reintroduction, Historic Atlantic Salmon Spawn

In a recent piece in Nautilus Magazine Matthew Berger looks at the differences between farmed and wild salmon. “Domesticated salmon are about as different from wild salmon as dogs are from wolves,” says Mart Gross, a professor at the University of … more

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BTT Announces Montauk Tackle Company as Bronze Level Partner

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has announced Montauk Tackle Company as Bronze Level Partner. “Montauk Tackle Company is excited to partner with Bonefish and Tarpon Trust on their continued efforts to conserve and protect habitat and fish species. BTT is on … more

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Tippets: Fishers of the Yakima Nation, Lake Titicaca’s Lake Trout Problem, Cold Water Refuges, New Fishing Rules for Washington Steelhead

Read the story of Mkayla Tahkeal, a member of the Yakima Nation, and the fight to fish the historic salmon and steelhead runs in the spring, summer, and fall. “It’s good when we catch fish,” Mkayla told me. “But it’s … more

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North Face Founder Doug Tompkins Dies in Kayaking Accident

Doug Tompkins, co-founder of The North Face and Esprit, has died in a kayaking accident on Lago General Carrera in southern Chile. Tompkins was a passionate conservationist and was dedicated to buying and preserving land through Conservacion Patagonica, and with … more

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Tippets: GM Salmon Petition, Yellowstone Lake Trout Milestone, EIC on Puget Sound Steelhead, Update on Provo River Oil Spill, Protection for Westslope Cutthroat

The FDA recently approved genetically engineered salmon for sale and human consumption, without a labeling requirement. A petition on to urges President Obama to stop the approved genetically engineered salmon, or to introduce measures require labeling. Read more and … more

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OIA Releases Climate Change Policy Strategy

The Outdoor Industry Association has issued a statement calling on leaders in the outdoor industry to make concrete steps to address climate change. Read more in the press release below.

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Tippets: Why Wild Fish Matter, Climate Change and Brook Trout, Proposed Marine National Monuments, Retailers Refuse GM Salmon, Provo River Oil Spill

From their biology to their beauty, wild fish hold a special place in the ecosystem and in our imaginations. Biologist Ray J. White writes about “Why Wild Fish Matter” in an article published in TROUT magazine in 1992, with points just … more

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Tippets: Salmon Night Vision, Putin Shelves Zhupanova River Dam, Napa Steelhead Recovery, Saltwater Fish Protection

Scientists have discovered that salmon, along with other freshwater fish and amphibians, can supercharge their eyes in order to give them the ability to be able to see red and infrared light. Via Tech Times. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin … more

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