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Tippets: Florida Seagrass, Most Endangered Rivers, Boulder River Access, Help for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Maine Brook Trout Survey

In the Florida Bay seagrass is dying at a rate unseen since the 1980s. The problem, ecologists say, is mainly due to the diversion of the natural flow of fresh water to protect sugar cane farms and other property. Via … more

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Video Hatch: “Welcome to Iceland”

This short film from Brothers on the Fly examines the state of conservation in Iceland.

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Video Hatch: “Super Salmon”

This trailer outlines the threats posed by a hydroelectric dam on Alaska’s Sustina River. Short film coming January, 2016. Via Ryan Peterson.

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Tippets: Florida Bay Collapse, Saving New Zealand’s Rivers, Dismantling Dams, NOAA Hatchery Plan, Johnson Creek Restoration

Florida Bay is in danger due to hypersalinity and loss of seagrass. “Florida Bay is on the knife’s edge” of collapse, said Everglades Foundation wetland ecologist Stephen Davis at a Monday awareness event held in Islamorada. Via Keys Info Net. Rebecca … more

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Tippets: Rotenone Red Flags, Companies and Conservation, Saving Atlantic Salmon, California’s “Miracle March”

The New Mexico Game and Fish Department’s plan to use rotenone to help re-establish native Gila trout populations in waterways in the Gila National Forest is raising safety concerns for those handling the chemical. “Recent studies have directly linked rotenone exposure … more

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Tippets: Warming Waters, Washington Steelhead Plates, Montana Invests in Future of Fisheries, Steelhead Return to Carmel River

Warming water temperatures and increased fishing pressure are altering ocean fisheries. An article by Ted Morton highlights the need for management changes via Pew Charitable Trusts. Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed legislation that approved the sale of license plates … more

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Video Hatch: “River Wide”

This short film from Arbiter Creative highlights the threats and uncertain future for salmon and the Skeena River.

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Tippets: State of Atlantic Salmon, Dam Economics, Gila Trout Restoration, Thompson River Steelhead Protection, Florida’s Fisheries, Solution to Lionfish

Monte Burke interviews Bill Taylor of the Atlantic Salmon Federation about the state of the species and the conservation work of the ASF. Via Forbes. A new study from Tacoma,WA-based Earth Economics shows the economic reality of dams. Kevin Lewis … more

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BTT to Pioneer Rearing Bonefish for Keys Release

The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, in collaboration with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, is embarking on a research project to pioneer rearing bonefish in captivity to help restore the Florida Keys … more

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Tippets: BTT’s Conservation Work, Sewage Runs Through It, DNA Shows Population Density, Florida’s Black Tide, Health of the Yellowstone

In a recent piece on Forbes, Monte Burke highlights the conservation work of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. “The BTT punches well above its weight when it comes to impactful research and influence, pioneering and conducting groundbreaking research on these … more

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