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Orvis Leaders Sign “Now or Neverglades” Declaration

Leaders of the Orvis Company urge anglers to sign the “Now or Neverglades” Declaration, and demand “that the state of Florida acknowledge indisputable science and work toward real solutions to the water crisis.” Read more in the press release below.

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Tippets: Lake Okeechobee Satellite Images, California’s Striped Bass and Salmon, Saving “The Blue Heart of Europe,” Recent Rulings in the Pacific Northwest

An algae bloom in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee has been captured by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on the Landsat 8 satellite. “The conditions that gave rise to the bloom have persisted into July, and have been blamed for affecting water quality downstream all the … more

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Orvis Leaders Urge Anglers to Sign “Now or Neverglades Declaration”

Untreated water diversions from Lake Okeechobee have resulted in damaging algae blooms along both Florida coasts. Grassroots organization has launched the “Now or Neverglades Declaration” campaign to collect signatures of concerned citizens and put pressure on Florida politicians to do … more

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Susitna Dam Project Shut Down

Alaska Governor Bill Walker recently announced he was “shutting down the Susitna Watana project.” This is a monumental win for the Susitna River and the salmon, wildlife and communities it supports.

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Tippets: BTT’s Fix Our Water Initiative, Grayling and the ESA, Bonneville Cutthroat Restoration, Revival on the Elwha River

The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s “Fix Our Water” initiative aims to engage anglers and the fishing industry in efforts to revise Florida’s water management practices and begin restoration of the Florida Everglades. For more information and to take action, visit … more

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Video Hatch: “High Country Gems”

Wild Cutthroat face threats from competing species, hybridization, habitat loss and climate change. But this short film from Pat Clayton and John Arnold show populations thriving and spawning in backcountry waters of the Greater Yellowstone region.

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National Parks Fly Fishing Book Celebrates 100th NPS Anniversary

The new book “25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish” by Terry and Wendy Gunn and Bennett Mintz is a DIY manual for fly fishing every park from Maine to Alaska.  It’s published by Stonefly Press in honor and tribute to … more

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Vermont Felt Sole Ban Repealed

Effective July 1, 2016, a five-year ban on the use of felt-soled waders in Vermont will be lifted. Anglers are reminded to continue to use preventative strategies for invasive species: “the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is asking anglers and … more

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Tippets: Action for the Tongass, History of American Shad, Britain’s Chalk Streams Under Threat, Restoring Guadalupe Bass

Senator Lisa Murkowski has introduced language into a draft wildfire bill that would stop the Tongass Land Management Plan, putting vital salmon habitat at risk. Take action here and ask Senator Murkowski to drop this provision. Sarah Laskow writes about the … more

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Protect the Beaverhead River

The proposal to retrofit Clark Canyon Dam into a hydroelectric facility would present a serious threat to the headwaters of the Beaverhead River. The Upper Missouri Waterkeeper, a Montana-based non-profit, outlines the risks and presents information on the proposal, including concern … more

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