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Conservation Hawks Releases CONVERGENCE

Conservation Hawks has recently released their new angling and climate change film, CONVERGENCE. The film examines the moral responsibility of anglers to work to fight the effects of climate change for future generations. Read more in the press release below.

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Tippets: EPA Reaches Deal with Pebble Partnership, National Monuments Under Review, Seafood Watch Downgrades Wild Steelhead

The fight to protect Bristol Bay is more important than ever, as it has been announced that the Environmental Protection Agency has settled a lawsuit with the Pebble Limited Partnership, enabling the company to move forward and apply for a … more

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Video Hatch: “Together Against the Mines—A River Steward Story’”

This film from the Native Fish Society tells the story of three River Stewards who worked with their rural Oregon communities to protect public lands, wild rivers and native fish from three proposed strip mines.

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Tippets: Hybridization of Western Trout, Save the Salmon of Puget Sound, Targeting Dams for Removal

Hybridization has become more prevalent between fish species in the U.S. West. A new study from the U.S. Geological Survey and partners examines what that means for native trout. “These interactions are being enhanced by legacy introductions and climate change, … more

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Green Globe Lauds Turneffe Flats for Three Decades of Sustainability

Environmental watchdog group Green Globe has recognized Turneffe Flats resort for its sustainable operation. “The eco-tourism resort has worked to be a model off-the-grid green enterprise,” says Green Globe, “and has developed many innovative ways to combine top-notch service with minimal … more

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Tippets: Review of National Monument Designations, Sea Lions and Steelhead, Kenai Peninsula Dam Will Not Move Forward

President Donald Trump has announced an order to review all national monument designations made in the past 21 years, including Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument as well as Grand Staircase. “Utah’s national monuments are our first line of defense against the … more

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Tippets: Lower Deschutes Water Quality Report, Climate Change and Cutthroat Trout, Native Fish Reintroduction in Idaho Raises Concerns

The Deschutes River Alliance recently published their 2016 Lower Deschutes Water Quality Report, including details about how the Round Butte Dam is affecting the lower Deschutes. The dam was intended “to return the lower river to pre-dam conditions and create … more

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New Tool for Anglers Takes Fisheries Management Back-to-Basics

The Marine Fish Conservation Network has launched a new online resource created for anglers, providing “clear, reliable news and opinions about fisheries management in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.” aims to inform and engage anglers in fisheries management and conservation issues. Read more … more

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Tippets: Climate Change Rerouting Rivers, Wetland Grasses Dying on Louisiana Coast, Drilling in National Parks

A team of scientists have recorded the first documented case of river reorganization as a result of human-caused climate change. In 2016 a stream flowing through the Kaskawulsh Glacier in Kluane National Park, Yukon, began draining “in a different direction … more

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Tippets: Most Endangered Rivers of 2017, Anglers Fight Michigan Fish Hatchery, Florida’s Joe Bay Reopens

The 2017 Most Endangered Rivers report from American Rivers “highlights the threat President Trump’s proposed budget cuts pose to rivers and communities nationwide.” Topping the annual list is the Lower Colorado River, “where the communities, economy, and natural resources of … more

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