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Video Hatch: “Keep Our Blackfoot”

This short film tells the story of the river that runs through the Blackfoot valley just east of Missoula, Montana. Via PMD Productions.

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Tippets: Wet Spring Helps Brookies, Secrets of Salmon Migration, Proposed Michigan Chumming Ban, Forage Fish Value

A cool and wet spring in the Northeast has helped brook trout populations threatened by climate change and acid rain. John Hopewell writes about the challenges facing this native fish as well as the inroads being made. Via The Washington Post. … more

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Video Hatch: “Protect Wild Rivers and Native Fish from Strip Mining”

In this short film Dave Lacey of the Native Fish Society talks about the Wild Rivers Campaign and what can be done to help protect southwest Oregon’s wild rivers and native fish from strip mining.

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AFFTA Awards Washington, D.C. Conservation Leaders

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association recently held a Capitol Hill reception to celebrate champions for clean water, fish habitat and the outdoor industry. Recipients of awards included including Senator John Tester, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and White … more

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Anglers Unite Against Big Sugar

Discharge from Florida’s Lake Okeechobee is severely polluted with phosphorus and nitrates from sugar farming and development and has decimated seagrass flats that once supported a thriving fishery. Bill Kearney writes about how anglers like guide Mike Conner are uniting … more

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IGFA Great Marlin Race

The IGFA Great Marlin Race is the biggest citizen science billfish satellite tagging initiative to date. Since 2011, 241 satellite tags in 7 species of billfish in 20 different countries have been deployed. You can see tag locations here as well as tracking via … more

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Tippets: Billfish Research Project, Klamath Dam Removal, Blackfoot River Restoration, Hook to Conservation in Bhutan

The Billfish Research Project works to develop collaborative relationships with scientists and anglers around the world to initiate research projects that will help better inform fisheries management. A recent video highlights the work being done. American Rivers provides data on … more

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Tippets: Native Trout Management in Glacier National Park, Apache Trout Facts, Fish Kill in Colorado, Ruling in Favor of Wild Salmon & Steelhead

Temperature-sensitive species like bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout face growing risks from climate change and non-native species. In Glacier National Park native trout are being moved to higher-elevation locales that were previously inaccessible to fish, allowing genetically pure populations to … more

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Video Hatch: “CHROME”

This film, now released in full, features Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, Dylan Tomine of Patagonia, Hannah Belford of Damdochax River Lodge, Kate Taylor of Frigate Travel, Tim Romano of Field & Stream and Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks.  It highlights …

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Tippets: Eradicating Aussie Carp, Chesapeake Bay Shows Improvement, Farmed Fish & Hearing Loss, Streams in Winter, Ocean Acidity

In Australia, a strain of herpes virus will be released into the Murray-Darling river system with the goal to eradicate European carp. Research from CSIRO has shown the virus to have no impact on humans. Via ABC News. Annual monitoring … more

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