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Simms and Trout Unlimited Team Up to Save Cutthroats

Simms and Trout Unlimited have partnered on a limited edition t-shirt and hoody to aid Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout conservation. Fifty percent of sales from each item will go to TU’s work to help protect the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout in … more

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Enforcing C&R Practices

Should (or can) better catch and release practices be enforced? Kirk Deeter ponders the question on Field & Stream, in the end resolving that “Maybe the real answer is for anglers to be more proactive in monitoring ourselves.”

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Trout Unlimited Applauds California National Monument Designation

California has designated the Point Arena-Stornetta complex of public lands as a national monument, which is a fundamentally important area for fish populations and habitat. “This area is vitally important for salmon and steelhead,” says Brian Johnson, director of TU’s … more

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Video Hatch: “Raise the River vs. Move the Ocean”

Robert Redford wants to “raise the river” and restore flows to the Colorado River, while Will Ferrell is in favor of bringing ocean to dry land. They debate their views in this creative short, a comedic take on a serious …

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Tributaries of Columbia River Designated Wild Steelhead Gene Banks

Three tributaries of the lower Columbia River have been designated “wild steelhead gene banks” by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. These waters will no longer be stocked with steelhead raised in fish hatcheries. “We will continue to support … more

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Managing Water for Farmers, Industry, Communities and Fish

Collaborative habitat restoration work between ranchers, anglers and hunters is possible, say scientists of Trout Unlimited. “We’re trying to get this win-win message out more broadly,” explains TU research scientist Helen Neville, “by initiating a conservation ranching program, and holding … more

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Louisiana’s Disappearing Coastline

Louisiana’s coastline is changing and disappearing so quickly, mapmakers say they are unable to keep up. “Because deltas are so dynamic, they’re either building or they’re eroding,” says David Muth, state director of the National Wildlife Federation’s Mississippi River Delta … more

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Fish Habitat Legislation Introduced In U.S. Senate

Bipartisan legislation known as S.2080 or the National Fish Habitat Conservation Act (NFHCA), has been introduced to the Senate and if passed, would be “an unprecedented national partnership effort aimed squarely at protecting, restoring and enhancing the nation’s aquatic resources … more

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Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Conservation Agreement

Through partnership work of Colorado, New Mexico, Native American tribes and federal agencies, a conservation agreement has been reached that will help protect Rio Grande cutthroat trout populations and habitat. Read more in the press release below.

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Historic Agreement Neared on Upper Klamath Basin Water

Negotiations on the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement have been completed and the proposal will now go to the Klamath Tribes’ General Council for approval. “People have been fighting over water in the Klamath Basin for decades,” said Oregon Senator … more

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