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“The Cost of Trout Fishing”

Hatchery fish can cause both ecological and genetic damage to the streams they are stocked, and the hatcheries where they are raised are major polluters of nearby waterways. Yet millions of hatchery trout are released each year to millions of … more

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Fundamentals of Catch and Release

Catch and release fishing isn’t without harm to the health of the fish. In an article that was first published in This is Fly magazine, Dr. Andy J. Danylchuk details the fundamentals and best practices for catch and release fishing. From … more

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Andy Mill joins Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition

The Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition offers anglers an opportunity to help participate in field work that will advance tarpon research, while also enjoying fishing opportunities in Belize. The 2015 expedition will be led in part by Andy Mill. Read more … more

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Patagonia Invests in the Business of Science

Patagonia has announced their strategic investment in Beyond Surface Technologies­, a company that focuses on ethically sourced and made textiles. “Beyond Surface Technologies has the potential to help Patagonia and our entire industry get to the next level of chemical … more

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Ten Most Endangered Rivers

American Rivers has announced their list of the Most Endangered Rivers of 2015. The annual report aims to shine a public spotlight on threats facing rivers and what actions can help. Rivers in the following states will be named to … more

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Trout & Salmon Friendly Companies

Money talks. An article in the most recent issue of Trout Unlimited’s TROUT Magazine features the most “trout and salmon friendly” companies in the United States. Read through the list of names that made the cut and support businesses that … more

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Video Hatch: “The Montana Story: Forty Years of Success”

This short film, the first in the Wild Fish Video Journal Series from the Wild Fish Conservancy and North Fork Studios, tells the story of Montana’s groundbreaking decision to in 1974 put an end to stocking trout in streams and …

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Video Hatch: “80 TO 90 FT”

Commercial fishermen Ed and Cindi John discuss the impacts they see on fisheries from climate change in this short film from Jason B. Kohl and Nora Mandray.

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Public Access in New Mexico

A bill moving through New Mexico legislature would restrict access to rivers and streams that cross over private property. Voice your support for public access by contacting New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and tell her to veto SB 226.

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Native Fish Society Hires Erica Stock as New Executive Director

The Native Fish Society has announced Erica Stock as the organization’s new executive director. “Erica’s passion for wild, native fish, understanding of the science that guides our efforts, and experience growing grassroots networks, will be a huge asset to Native … more

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