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Instagram and Hero Shots

Hero shots require time to set up and take. And that time, writes Matt Labash, can kill fish. Compounding the issue is the rise of social media and posting of these photos for “likes” and “shares” to the great detriment … more

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Tippets: Rice Farmers Help California Salmon, Snake River Renewable Energy, Washington Bans Salmon Farms

California rice farmers are helping foster bug populations in floodplains to help support native salmon. “”What farmers are doing is reconnecting that floodplain natural wealth to the river system where it’s needed,” says Jacob Katz, senior scientist for California Trout.” … more

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RepYourWater and National Wildlife Federation Partner on Asian Carp Threat

RepYourWater and the National Wildlife Federation have joined forces to help raise awareness about the threat of invasive Asian carp to the Great Lakes. Read more in the press release below.

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American Rivers Announces America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2018

American Rivers has released its annual list of the ten most endangered rivers in the United States, highlighting “threats posed by the Trump administration and its supporters in Congress to iconic rivers and clean water supplies, public health, and communities … more

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Tippets: Humpback Chub Moves from Endangered to Threatened, Potomac River Report Card, San Jose’s Steelhead Trout

After a species status assessment and a 5-year status review, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced it will relist the previously endangered humpback chub to a threatened classification. The review “concluded the current risk of extinction is low, such … more

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Open Comment Period to Save Bristol Bay

The Pebble Partnership has recently applied for one of the major permits required to start mining in Bristol Bay. The open comment period to voice concerns over this permitting will run through April, 2018. Take action here.

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Tippets: Colorado Water Pollution, Endangered Rivers of British Columbia, Plastics in Paradise

Colorado allows 39 major industrial facilities to release known pollutants into waterways. Recent analysis has shown 17 have exceeded their legal limit 241 times in an 18-month period. “The pollution discharged above permitted amounts included cadmium, copper, chlorine, ammonia nitrogen, … more

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AFFTA, Cheeky Team Up to Support Stripers Forever

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association and Cheeky Fishing have partnered in coordination with the upcoming Cheeky Schoolie Tournament. AFFTA has pledged to donate $1 for every 5-inches of striped bass caught, released and recorded, up to $1,500 and Cheeky … more

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Tippets: Blue Heart of Europe, Update on Pebble Mine, Diversions from the Deschutes

Albania’s Vjosa River is the last remaining undammed river on the European continent and is home to the Danube Salmon. But a series of proposed dams threatens the waterway and threatened species. Patagonia has now teamed up with a grassroots … more

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Tippets: Shrinking Salmon, Rhode Island River Restoration, Decline of Juvenile Steelhead

Researchers from Alaska and Washington recently analyzed 40 years of data taken from 85 king salmon populations ranging from California to Alaska. “The results show that the fish are both decreasing in size and maturing earlier,” writes Mark Hieronymus in The … more

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