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Hope Notes

“In a dark time the eye begins to see.” —Theodore Roethke Fishing is about perception.  Its mysteries are tied to our desire to penetrate the surface and see what we cannot see, and the joy of becoming a better angler … more

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“Sunday Morning” Talks Fishing

“Why do dudes love fishing?” asks Sunday Morning’s Faith Salie, to whom fishing sounds like dating.  But she admits there are good reasons to fish: it can be intimate time shared, and it’s an opportunity to be thankful.   Salie’s … more

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“Centric Balance”

There is a center, an anchor, where while maybe everyone doesn’t agree they can at least see both sides. And perhaps over the years, they will come to call that place home, or at least grow more comfortable visiting. As … more

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Do Real Men Wear Accessories as Jewelry?

Fly fishing attire probably looks a bit silly for an outsider looking in—from the bulky vests, to the hats, to the tweed and creels that some anglers wear in the name of tradition.  The lanyard seems to be least on … more

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Getting a Wintery Grip

Ahhh, winter:  when the Web becomes the next best alternative to tying yet another two dozen bead-head nymphs, shuffling the DVD stack, and brushing by the rod collection on the way out to shovel the driveway.  Luckily a few authors … more

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Wisdom from the Past: Fred G. Shaw

The Complete Science of Fly Fishing and Spinning, by Fred Shaw, is full of timeless wisdom, but perhaps most entertaining part is Shaw’s chapter on axioms.  Here are just a few examples, most of them just as relevant today as … more

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Happy Holidays: The Short Days Are Over (Again)


Every year we find ourselves marking the winter solstice and the end of the shortening of days.  That might be because years of guiding trained us to love fishing in light.  And every fourth week of December there’s the promise … more

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Gifts for the Fly Fisher Who Has Everything

Who doesn’t like a gift wishlist?  Especially if you have all the fly fishing gear already known to man and all the money in the world and no idea how to spend it? And since no one but an angler … more

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If You Don’t Post About It, Was It Caught?

“There is no picture of my biggest brown ever on a fly. No pixels dedicated to the exploding hues of its spectacular sides. No Facebook post. No Twitter feed. No witness. No evidence whatsoever that a wayward Oregonian and a brown … more

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A Short Gratitude List

If we weren’t obligated to spend hours enjoying the glazed sweet-potato casserole, corn-syrup-free pecan pie and honey chipotle deep-fried turkey, we could easily spend the day ennumerating the other things we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving.  But obligations are obligations, so … more

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