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Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

The staff at MidCurrent wishes everyone in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving.   We hope your travels are safe and that you enjoy the company of family and friends.

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“Pro Tours” and Proper Notions

The debate on what constitutes “right” and “wrong” when on the water has resurfaced due to the announcement of the Pro Fly Angling Tour. Whatever your opinion, Phil Monahan’s recent piece on competitive fly fishing, as he writes, is an … more

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OWAA Excellence in Craft Awards

The Outdoor Writers Association of America has announced winners of the association’s 2013 Excellence in Craft contest. From blogs and multimedia to newspaper and photo, these are the cream of the crop of outdoor media. Read more in the press … more

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Extreme Fishing

A recent catch by Russian president Vladimir Putin highlights a growing trend in fishing, writes Patrick Barkham on The Guardian, “extreme fishing.” And while it might be good for ratings, popularity and television shows, it leaves you to wonder if in … more

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Of Trout and Gifts

A short story on personal sacrifice and a shared bond of fishing, Jon Tobey’s essay “Die With a Human Heart” highlights the relationship of a grandfather and grandson, and how “Sometimes, the only thing you can do is not the … more

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On Fishy Reputations

Reputations live on without us, and some attributes you cannot form or change once they are.  As Mike Benson reflects on a week in the Florida Everglades, he finds the one thing he’d like remembered once he’s six feet down: … more

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A Holiday Tale

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a good story, told long into the night with a little mystery, sadness, a little redemption. And Mike Sepelak weaves a four-part Holiday tale like no other—of family, brothers, and fishing. A fine … more

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Hope Notes

“In a dark time the eye begins to see.” —Theodore Roethke Fishing is about perception.  Its mysteries are tied to our desire to penetrate the surface and see what we cannot see, and the joy of becoming a better angler … more

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“Sunday Morning” Talks Fishing

“Why do dudes love fishing?” asks Sunday Morning’s Faith Salie, to whom fishing sounds like dating.  But she admits there are good reasons to fish: it can be intimate time shared, and it’s an opportunity to be thankful.   Salie’s … more

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“Centric Balance”

There is a center, an anchor, where while maybe everyone doesn’t agree they can at least see both sides. And perhaps over the years, they will come to call that place home, or at least grow more comfortable visiting. As … more

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