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Cristo Arkansas River Project Decision Expected in October

While many conservationists and fly fishers cross their fingers and hope that Cristo’s plan to drape translucent fabric over miles of the Arkansas River in Colorado is quashed by the federal government, the artist himself says he welcomes the debate, … more

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The Anthropologist Photo Gallery: Shawn Davis

The Web site “the ANTHROPOLOGIST” profiles fly tier and chemistry teacher Shawn Davis alongside beautiful photographs of his tying process and a surprisingly artistic result.  ”This is not unlike what every fly fisherman aspires to do when he takes to … more

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MidCurrent Featured Artist: Shirley Cleary

Artist Shirley Cleary displays some of her recent paintings in her MidCurrent artist profile. The artist lives, fishes, and paints in Montana and New Zealand and is represented by galleries in both countries. For many years she only painted in … more

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SF Chronicle: Russell Chatham “Falls on Hard Times”

Though first published back in May, Sam Whiting’s San Francisco Chronicle update on Russell Chatham (who is a MidCurrent featured artist) is worth catching up on because of the detailed examination of the life and times of one of America’s finest … more

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New Art: Stacie Krupa

MidCurrent featured artist Stacie Krupa has added new images to her gallery this week.  Stacie’s a contemporary expressionist with a public working studio and galleries in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

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Vaughn Cochran's "House Painting"

As Vaughn Cochran describes his own painting, it’s a different kind of pop-art — Andy Warhol colored with influences of Millard Wells. Mike Connor profiles the artist, musician and fly fishing retailer after a bonefishing trip to Bimini. “He married … more

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NYT: Christo’s Arkansas River Project Engages and Divides


Predictably, says Kirk Johnson in this morning’s New York Times, the arguments about Christo’s controversial plan to cover miles of the Arkansas river in Colorado with fabric can be reduced to whether “Googling Salida” generates more excitement than an evironmental impact … more

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Fly Fishing Art: Duane's Hada's "White River" Showings

Artist and guide Duane Hada’s new exhibition “The River White” consists of 40 individual watercolors, a progression of plein air pieces that start at the headwaters of the White River, move into the forests of the Ozark Mountains, and end … more

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This is another post about art

Just another post about art

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This is a post about art

Just a post about art

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