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Vaughn Cochran's "House Painting"

As Vaughn Cochran describes his own painting, it’s a different kind of pop-art — Andy Warhol colored with influences of Millard Wells. Mike Connor profiles the artist, musician and fly fishing retailer after a bonefishing trip to Bimini. “He married … more

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NYT: Christo’s Arkansas River Project Engages and Divides


Predictably, says Kirk Johnson in this morning’s New York Times, the arguments about Christo’s controversial plan to cover miles of the Arkansas river in Colorado with fabric can be reduced to whether “Googling Salida” generates more excitement than an evironmental impact … more

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Fly Fishing Art: Duane's Hada's "White River" Showings

Artist and guide Duane Hada’s new exhibition “The River White” consists of 40 individual watercolors, a progression of plein air pieces that start at the headwaters of the White River, move into the forests of the Ozark Mountains, and end … more

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This is another post about art

Just another post about art

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This is a post about art

Just a post about art

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Interview: Author and Artist Rich Chiappone

We picked up Rich Chiappone’s new Opening Days: A Fly Fisherman Writes (Barclay Press, June 2010, 210 pages) just last month, and it turns out to be a fine collection of essays, stories and poems that collectively makes a very … more

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Book Review – "Something Fishy This Way Comes: The Artwork of Ray Troll"

“It’s surrealism for the masses. Flipping through this book, one feels like the humans found in an average Troll painting: astonished, amused and slightly frightened. A parallel universe gushes out of Troll’s imagination.” David James reviews artist Ray Troll’s new … more

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30-Minute Fly Art: the Dahlberg Diver

Jeff Kennedy was showing his son how to pressure-wash a sidewalk when he was struck by inspiration for this week’s 30-Minute Fly Art. His tools? A 1600-PSI pressure washer, 15-degree tip, and water His and Jason Borger’s unique interpretations of … more

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Guides, Wildlife Groups Question Value of Christo's Arkansas River Art

The debate continues over artist Christo’s “Over the River” project, which would suspend polypropylene-fabric panels across almost six miles of the Arkansas river in Colorado. Trout Unlimited, the Arkansas Valley Audubon Society and the Colorado Wildlife Federation have all voiced … more

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Russell Chatham Celebrated by American Museum of Fly Fishing

The American Museum of Fly Fishing hosted an evening to celebrate the vision of artist and writer Russell Chatham at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco Thursday, September 30th, 2010. Nearly one hundred people attended the event and … more

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