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Podcast Interview: Ryan Harrison, Founder of Waterworks/Lamson, Talks Bikes and Fly Fishing Reels


Ryan Harrison goes back in history to talk about how his parent company the C1 Design Group invented the first clipless pedal for bikes and the “headshok” suspension system for Cannondale, and how those concepts translated into fly fishing products … more

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Waterworks/Lamson Litespeed 2 Hard Alox and Force ULA SL Fly Reels


Litespeed 2 Hard Alox The Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed is very popular among anglers because it combines a very slick drag system in a lightweight package, at a price that isn’t nearly what other “premium performance” reels cost. The Litespeed 2, new … more

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Waterworks/Lamson Gear Shower


To help eliminate the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS), Waterworks/Lamson created this Gear Shower, which you fill with tap water from home and use to rinse away all visible material from gear when you finish fishing. It is easy … more

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Waterworks-Lamson’s New Gear Shower

Waterworks-Lamson’s new Gear Shower aims to address the problem of aquatic invasive species (AIS). This simple but effective shower provides added prevention against this increasingly important environmental problem. To use, fill the 2.2-gallon briefcase-shaped shower with tap water at home and toss it in your vehicle. After fishing, simply hang the shower on a car window and water flows from a hose and through a shower head to clean waders and boots. more

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New Reels from Waterworks-Lamson

This will be the third generation of Waterworks-Lamson’s very first reel — the extremely light machined reel that put Waterworks on the map with dealers and consumers. This third generation Force reel gets even lighter — and stiffer and stronger at the same time. The reel features a flush foot, like their Vanquish model, bringing the mass of the reel closer to center axis of rod. The foot and frame are machined from one solid piece. more

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