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Umpqua UPG Magnum Midge Fly Box

Umpqua calls their new fly boxes “the new ultimate in micro management.” An ultra-slim profile allows for easy storage, while micro-slit foam, magnetic compartments and fly-trap foam provide almost endless capacity as well as storage options for any kind of small-to-medium dries … more

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Umpqua Tubeology Nano Fly Tying Kit

A complete tube fly tying system with vise adapter, tube fly storage system, different size and weight tubes, and patented interchangeable heads to vary weight and attitude of the fly. One Tubeology tube fly can interchange over one hundred different … more

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Umpqua Competition Series Hooks

Competition fly anglers continuously create and master new techniques to increase their efficiency on the water. When every landed fish counts, the hooking and holding ability of of their fly offerings demands a style of unique high performance hook. Designed in cooperation with … more

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Umpqua Hi-Vis Midsection Indicator Leader

Umpqua’s new 10-foot leader is the only one on the market to feature a vivid neon red section integrated into the taper. The first three feet of butt section is a matte-milky color for maximum contrast. The next two feet of butt … more

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