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Video: New St. Croix Legend X Fly Rods Target Musky, Bass and Pike


Dan Johnson at St. Croix Rods explains why the new St. Croix Fly Rods are perfect for those big toothy critters that require a little something eXtra. The rods were designed specifically for fishing larger warm-water species like musky, pike … more

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St. Croix Designs a Rod Specifically for Nymphing


This week St. Croix offered more details on its new “High Stick Drifter” fly rod, which we first talked about last fall. Read the full press release below. St. Croix Rods once again teamed with, Kelly Galloup, leading to three new … more

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St. Croix High Stick Drifter Fly Rod

Since opening a production facility in Fresnillo, Mexico, St. Croix has made some serious waves on the lower-pricepoint side of the market with rod series like “Rio Santo” and its newer “Imperial” rods. They’re perfectly functional, and supremely cast-able, without … more

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St. Croix Moves to Nano-Particle Resin, Rolls Out New Rod Models

After extensive testing in the laboratory and on the water, St. Croix adopted the new 3M™ Matrix Resin to bond the high-modulus/high-strain graphite fibers used in all of their highest performance Legend Elite rods, as well as a new series of specialty fly rods named the Bank Robber. The new 3M Matrix Resin is unique because it uses nano-sized spheres of silica as a homogeneous, non-abrasive filler between the carbon fibers of a graphite rod blank, which results in a more

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