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Video: Scientific Anglers UST Lines


Andrew Bosway, research and development manager at Scientific Anglers talks to MidCurrent about the company’s newest lines in the two-handed department, their UST or Ultimate Scandi Taper fly lines. The lines are all meant for Scandi-style shooting lines, cover a … more

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Video: Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege Fly Line


Another IFTD New Product Showcase winner (best freshwater fly line). The Sharkwave Siege from SA is explained here by Andrew Bosway, the research and development manager for Scientific Anglers.

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Video: New Award-Winning Saltwater Fly Line from Scientific Anglers


Phil Cook of Scientific Anglers explains the new Mastery Textured Series Chard’s Grand Slam fly line. The line won this year’s “Best of Show” at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show for saltwater fly lines. It’s available in line weights … more

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Quick Tip: When Fishing for Big Fish, “Restart” Your Stripped Line


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of fishing for tarpon in Key West with a new line from Scientific Anglers. It’s called the Chard Salt Water Grand Slam Line and is in their Mastery Textured Series of lines. … more

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Podcast Interview: Tim Pommer, Product Development Engineer at Scientific Anglers


This week we talk to Tim Pommer, product development engineer at Scientific Anglers, about how growing up on a trout stream and going to grad school for engineering help him develop some game-changing technology in the fly line and tippet world. … more

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Scientific Anglers Announces Redesigned Tippet Spool


Scientific Anglers just announce its redesigned tippet spool and updated label graphics. The new spool features an independent, free-wheeling hub that allows the tippet spool to spin easily when joined together. The hub can be retracted to become flush with … more

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Scientific Anglers New Mastery Textured, Distance Spey, and Skagit Extreme Intermediate Lines

Textured Streamer Express SA’s Streamer Express now avalable in the textured version. All the original tapers with the added benefit of texturing giving increased casting distance with less effort, reduced memory, and the SA ID line marking. Available in 150- … more

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Scientific Anglers Debuts Mastery Textured Series

Scientific Anglers is releasing a new textured fly line for 2011, the Mastery Textured Series. They will be available in five Mastery Series tapers: GPX, Nymph, Coastal Express, Saltwater, and Magnum. Using their microreplication technology, Scientific Anglers has given the surface of these lines a completely new more

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Scientific Anglers Introduces “Mastery Textured” Series

No doubt in response to feedback on the abrasiveness of the Sharkskin series, SA just announced a new line of more moderately textured lines with “golf-ball dimple” patterns. SA product development engineer Tim Pommer introduces them in the video below. … more

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