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Video: Outcast OSG Approach Inflatable SUP

Chris Callanan from Outcast Sporting Gear gives us the skinny on the company’s newest watercraft, called the OSG Approach inflatable SUP: The Approach has a small inflatable collar which makes it an extremely stable platform for maneuvering around and following … more

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Video: Outcast Sporting Gear’s Award-Winning Frameless Watercraft


Outcast Sporting Gear’s 35-pound frameless personal watercraft took home top honors at this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealer show. Here Chris Callanan, Marketing Director for the company, explains why.

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Outcast Sporting Gear

The Featherlight 9 is designed for fly-in trips or any situation in which weight is a critical factor. The frame is simple and strapless and attaches to a pair of 9’pontoons built with Ferrari PVC and high-quality urethane bladders. “Light-weight” does not imply that this is a stripped down model; the Featherlight 9 comes with more

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