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2012 Orvis Fly Lines

The new Orvis Hydros fly line series is a complete re-engineering of the structure of their fly lines, using new technology for increased performance. The Hydros has been re-engineered using new tapers, coatings, diameters, Hy-Flote Tip technology, innovative new welded … more

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Orvis RipCord Wading Staff


Orvis’s new avalanche-probe-style four-section staff assembles in seconds; simply pull the cord and secure it in the handle. It is crafted using kernmantle climbing cord, which won’t absorb moisture, fray, or stretch, and includes an aluminum tip, non-marring Delrin® plastic … more

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Orvis Redesigns Clearwater Rods for 2012


For 2012, Orvis has completely revamped its Clearwater rod series. The all new Clearwater series reaps the rewards of Orvis’s award-winning Helios technology with all new profiles and tapers taken directly from the Helios line making the new Clearwater rods … more

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New Orvis Fly Rods for 2011

For their new mid-priced Access series, Orvis looked at the high-cure thermoplastic resin technology used in their Helios and Hydros rods and applied what they learned to create a new epoxy-based resin which uses small amounts of thermoplasters. This new type of epoxy-based resin allowed them to use a lower aerial more

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New Orvis Safe Passage Luggage

Orvis has completely revamped its Safe Passage line of luggage for 2011 more

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Orvis Revamps Its Safe Passage Line of Vest-Packs

Click here to see Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis share several of Orvis’s new packs with MidCurrent at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Denver. Safe Passage Sling Pack Over-the-shoulder  and out-of-the-way convenience, with a large main compartment for fly … more

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Orvis Adds New Designs to “Invasives-Aware” Wading Boots

Its almost always a good thing for consumers when two leaders in any industry join forces, and that is definitely the case with the River Guard Ultralight wading boot which incorporates Korkers’ innovative Omnitrax interchangeable sole system (version 2.0).  One … more

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Orvis Adds Two New Reels to their Lineup for 2011

The Orvis Company will be adding two new reels to their lineup for 2011.  The first is the Access Mid-Arbor, which is an improved version of the Battenkill Mid-Arbor reel. The second is the Hydros Large Arbor, an improved version … more

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Orvis Rolls Out New Safe Passage Bags and Cases

This bag by Orvis features a waterproof bladder to keep gear dry in standing water. The mouth opens wide for easy access and organization of fly boxes and accessories. The bag’s interior pockets are designed for organizing tippet spools, sunglasses, spare spools, tools, binoculars and any other necessary gear. It also features an exterior rod tube holder and two front zipper more

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