fly fishing photography

Steve Turner

Steve Turner spent his early years in the flatlands of east Texas cutting his teeth on bass, bluegill and catfish, all the while devouring every hook-and-bullet publication he could get his hands on, dreaming of the day when he would fish mountain streams and coastal rivers for trout, steelhead and salmon. Marrying a girl from Washington State (who as it happens loves to fish as much as he does) provided a ready-made excuse to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and pursue that dream.

Like many angler/photographers, he finds himself far too often with rod in hand when he should actually be looking through the viewfinder. He has fleeting thoughts about seeking counsel for this affliction, but inevitably, at about that same time, a steelie or permit hammers his fly, rips into his backing and sucks him right back into the vortex. Basically, he’s bloody hopeless.

You can see more of Steve’s work at his website:

All images copyright © 2018 Steve Turner
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  • VirginiaRebel

    Love the shot where she’s hugging the bonefish and obviously talking to it. It’s a reminder that kids tend to relate naturally and personally to animals and generally don’t want to hurt them. 

    Thanks for these, Steve.

  • Miles

    WOW!!  That’s fantastic.  Incredible photos of my favorite subject!!

  • Duffy

    Beautiful images Steve!

  • Gofishinor

    I have 4 grand babies, can’t wait to teach em.

  • La Lagarta

    Thanks for turning such special memories into forever…works of art. We all love them Steve,- Charley, Amy, and Yalena

  • Steve

    Thanks for the comments guys & gals! (Even the tongue in cheek Miles!… 😉 Charley, Amy & Yalena – thanks so much for all the wonderful memories over the years – can’t wait to get back down & spend time with our extended family! Hugs around for us.


  • Project Fly Fish

    I have taken my 10 year old son fly fishing and spin cast fishing. He has not really showed much interest. I have not pushed him on the issue. My advice is to not push. Let them find their niche. I was told by an “old timer” that kids will pick up fly fishing once they understand it…the aesthetics, ethics, and the fun of the catch.

  • Steve

    PFF – I would have to agree with the “old timer’s” advice regarding not pushing fly fishing on a child, or anyone else for that matter. I’m in the process of introducing my 6 year old grandson to fishing, and my strategy is to start out with a Zebco 202, bobbers and bait in a lake stocked with trout to make certain, first and foremost, that he catches fish and has fun. I’ll have a 4 weight fly rod in the boat as well, and will periodically make a cast or two. If and/or when he shows some interest, I’ll begin working with him – but I’ll let him move at his own pace.

    Yalena (the young fly fisher gal in the pictures) is in the unique and enviable position of having a wonderful father who also happens to be one of the best fly fishing guides in the Yucatan. She showed an interest in fly fishing early-on and quickly graduated from a “Princess” child’s rod & reel to a fly rod. The flats of Ascension Bay are her home turf, and she’s quite at home out there catching fish and helping dad with the lobster traps. A joy to watch for sure!!

  • Mturner

    Broski – Such great photos.  Thank you for sharing

  • Michael

    I have 3 little pink flygals… Who’ve been casting since they were 3. It’s never to early!
    Nice work that man!